Drake Refused To Have An Interview With Akademiks

Image source: topnaija.ng

A couple of days ago, Drake went on Instagram Live where he gave Akademiks a shout out. I’m sure you’ve seen the footage by now of Akademiks going ballistic in his gamer studio and breaking his chair due to excitement. Akademiks finally received the moment he’s been waiting for his whole life, Drake acknowledging him.

Image source: KarenCivil.com

“I’m a little disappointed. I thought we had a rapport”, Akademiks said. “I’m not doing an interview with you, man. I just — I added you to see the Hennessy”, Drake replied.

Akademiks continued pestering Drake: “What do you drink when you create?”. “Oh my God. Yo, listen — What do you drink when you create?!” Drake asked in response.

“For all the times me and you been through, I need to see you pour the craziest shot right now and do it right now,” Drake requested of Akademiks who instantly obliged. “Cheers, we had a great talk the other day, though, man. That was great, man. Honestly, you’re a good yute, man. Honestly, real talk,” Drake said before Akademiks downed a triple shot of Hennessy.