Onboarding a Four-Legged Friend? 10 Best Dog Breeds for Remote Workers

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Have you made the transition from working in an office to working from home? Remote work offers many unique advantages, including the opportunity to spend time with your dog.

If you work from home and are looking for a dog to keep you company, it’s essential to carefully consider the breed, as some are better suited for the work-from-home lifestyle than others. Here are the ten best dog breeds for remote workers.

1. Golden Retrievers

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Golden Retrievers are intelligent, friendly dogs who make excellent work-from-home companions. These famous, fluffy Fidos are a solid choice if you already have pets at home, as they get along well with dogs and cats. Goldens are also an excellent option for families with young children.

While the Golden Retrievers are best known for their soft, flaxen-colored coats, a cream-colored variation also exists. English cream golden retriever puppies from breeders like these are popular among remote workers due to their relatively low energy levels, meaning they’re comfortable hanging out at home quietly while you work.

2. Poodle

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Poodles adapt well to the work-from-home lifestyle. These famously-groomed dogs are easy to train, eager to please, and love to cuddle. Also, the Poodle’s curly, hypoallergenic coat makes it a good choice if anyone in your household is allergic to dogs.

While they’ll usually sit calmly during the workday, Poodles need about thirty minutes of exercise daily. Choose the Standard Poodle if you want the breed with the lowest energy level, as the Toy and Miniature types have more significant activity needs.

3. French Bulldog

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French Bulldogs are a popular pet among city dwellers, as these pups don’t need much space to thrive. Frenchies grow to about twelve inches tall with an adult weight of no more than twenty-eight pounds.

If you’re home most of the time, a French Bulldog will delight in being your constant companion, as they’re highly social dogs. These animals are also protective dogs who will often take on watchdog duties.

French Bulldogs are a good fit if your remote job typically involves lots of phone or video calls. These adorable companions are generally quiet dogs who bark only if they sense danger.

4. Boston Terrier

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Consider a Boston Terrier if you work from home most of the time and leave on a semi-regular basis. While Boston Terriers will love hanging out with you when you’re at home, they’re also comfortable alone.

Boston Terriers have moderate exercise needs. You’ll need to take your pup on a brisk walk or play a full game of fetch at least once a day – and some dogs might need more. If you’re a remote worker who likes to take exercise breaks during the day, your Boston Terrier will be happy to join.

Boston Terriers also love to chew. If you need to keep your canine companion occupied while you work, toss them a chew toy.

5. Pugs

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Did you know pugs have an unofficial motto? It’s the Latin phrase multum in parvo, which means “a lot in a little.” These tiny pups have lots of love to give their owners and make great work-from-home companions.

Pugs are well-suited for spending time indoors around their family. These snub-nosed pooches are also highly adaptable, so they’re an excellent breed to choose if your work hours aren’t always consistent. Keep in mind most Pugs love to eat, but they should stay trim with moderate exercises such as short walks or brief romps around the backyard.

6. Havanese

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This option is another breed to consider if you live in an apartment or smaller space. These small, social dogs love hanging out at home. Havanese are also excellent watchdogs who bark when they sense potential trouble but otherwise remain quiet.

The Havanese is the only dog breed native to Cuba. The dogs are known for their long, silky coats and curled tails. If you’re interested in teaching your dog tricks, the Havanese is a fantastic choice because they’re smart and love to learn.

7. Cocker Spaniel

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Who can resist the big, beautiful eyes of a Cocker Spaniel? These floppy-coated dogs are happy, compact animals that are sure to brighten even the most demanding workday. Males stand between fourteen and fifteen inches and weigh about twenty-five pounds, while females are slightly smaller.

Cocker Spaniels are known for their signature coats, which are long, soft, and silky. Surprisingly, the Spaniels have only moderate shedding levels, so your home office won’t end up covered in dog hair.

8. Shih Tzu

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These Lion Dogs have delighted their owners for over a thousand years, with historical documentation of their existence dating back to China in 824 AD. The Shih Tzu are celebrated lap dogs known for their affectionate behavior and playful personalities.

Shih Tzus don’t need lots of space, so they’re a good pick if you live in an apartment or don’t have a big backyard. While they’re social dogs who prefer spending time with their owners, your puppy also doesn’t mind spending time alone, which is nice if you have to go into the office occasionally.

9. Chihuahua

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Chihuahuas stand about six inches tall and usually weigh no more than six pounds, but they’re packed with personality. These bite-sized barkers are an excellent companion for the home office because they love to spend time with their owners, and they’re easy to train.

The breed also has low shedding levels and requires grooming only once a month. Chihuahuas are an excellent choice if you’re concerned about keeping your house clean with dogs.

Many Chihuahuas will typically bond with one person more than others, so they’re often more comfortable living in single-person households.

10. Maltese

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Thanks to its luxurious, floor-length coat, large eyes, and button nose, this toy breed is instantly recognizable. The Maltese is a playful lapdog with a long history as a favorite among ancient royalty worldwide.

Nothing makes the Maltese happier than spending time with their owners, and they’ll rest quietly while you work. Plus, these adorable pups are comfortable living with people, other dogs, and young kids.

Wrap up

Working remotely is better with a furry friend by your side. By choosing a highly social breed with low exercise needs, you can ensure your dog will stay comfortable and happy throughout the day.