Do Long Haired Dogs Need Coats in Winter – 2024 Guide

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You probably want the best for your furry pal at any given point, but you should pay more attention to them in the winter. Dogs become a lot more sensitive, and they don’t spend as much time outside due to cold and slippery weather that even you probably find unbearable and uncomfortable. When they do go outside you should make sure that they are warm enough and excited about their trip! This is why a lot of owners turn to winter coats for ultimate protection. Keep on reading and find out all there is about cute and practical winter coats down below!

Why get a winter coat for your pet?

Some people do it out of fun, some do it for fashion, and others because they think that their dog is really cold. However, some often rethink their strategy because they are aware that their dog might need to use the restroom, which makes the dress-up a bit more impractical and kind of a hassle.

Most experts recommend that you take sudden weather changes, wind impact, and ground conditions into consideration. Pay close attention to your dog as well. Is it shivering, limping, or slowing down? If so getting a coat could be a smart move to make. Also, if your furry pal is quite old consider giving him or her a cozy yet practical outfit. Their blood flow and circulation may not work as they used to, hence the needed boost.

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Which dog actually needs a winter coat?

Small dogs have relatively more surface area through which to lose heat than bigger dogs, which is why your smaller furry pal may appreciate this stylish item a bit more. This is why you often spot Chihuahuas, Pinschers, and Greyhounds in thicker fabrics wearing jackets.

If you have a bigger furry pal with long or thick hair you shouldn’t really worry too much about them getting cold. Also, darker-colored fur absorbs more heat directly from the sun than lighter fur. If your dog has black or brown fur he or she will feel a lot warmer at any given point, especially in the summer.

How to choose a coat for your pet?

Not all coats are made equally or with the same type of fabrics. They also differ and vary in price. You should consult with your veterinarian beforehand just to be safe. Some fabrics can cause irritation or an allergic reaction with some puppies. Try to always wash and dry your newly-purchased items before putting them on your dog.

Also, consider measuring your dog before purchasing a winter coat, especially if you plan on doing online shopping. Always aim for a kind that is long enough to protect his neck and belly. It should extend from the base of his neck to his tail, without being too long or heavy.

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So, do long hair dogs really need coats?

Not all dogs need coats or sweaters to keep them warm, which also applies to long-hair dogs. They are already warm enough without the extra layers of protection. Dogs that will appreciate an additional layer of protection are:

  • Shorter-haired breeds
  • Senior dogs
  • Dogs that have a special health condition
  • In case your veterinarian has advised you to do it

Long-haired dogs that have thicker fur, younger dogs, dark-colored breeds, and bigger pups are definitely in the clear!

Will your pet get used to wearing a coat?

Some dogs are uncomfortable wearing apparel and should never be forced to do so, and some of them will have a hard time adjusting to this change. Not a lot of them like the feeling of restriction at first. Give them some time to adjust and adapt to this new change. Dress them up at home for starters and see how they behave during those first few minutes. If their response is poor do not risk bringing them outside wearing something too uncomfortable or with low mobility. It could make your walk or outdoor trip a disaster.

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Should you go for a sweater, a coat, or a jacket?

A lot of people often make a mistake by putting all three of these in the same category. However, materials are so much different and they can differ greatly in each case. Just like us, humans can tell apart coats sweaters, coats, or jackets, so can dogs! The thing is that some items are thicker, waterproof, and bulkier/heavier to wear. Materials will also dictate the feel and lightweight vibe of the outfit. Consult with the seller or the site to figure out what is best in your case and for your breed of dog.

Is heavier clothing better in terms of keeping your puppy warm?

Technology, the fashion industry, and pet items have evolved in the human-outerwear market, which means that everything is within trends and a lot more practical nowadays than it used to be. No one throws on their old and worn-out shirt on their furry pal thinking that it will do them justice. This is why you should always check labels and do research before making an investment with your new dog OOTD. Heavier does not mean better, and it shouldn’t be on your must-have list. In fact, if a coat is too warm, dogs can overheat and feel uncomfy, so use and approach with caution.

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Where to find adequate equipment for your pet?

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