Djimon Hounsou Comments On His 10-year Old Son Being Called The N-Word By Another Child

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Djimon Hounsou was a guest on Sirius XM’s “The Clay Cane” Show this past week where he talked about his 10-year old son being called the N-word by another child.

“I went to big up my son from a soccer game one time and he says to me some other kid called him the N-word. That’s how early it starts”, explained Hounsou. “He is wondering, ‘Why would you have to call me that word?’ and I was wondering, ‘When do they start to get treated like a second class citizen?'”, “Blood Diamond” star continued.

Djimon told his child not to take the hate personally, offering to him that “some people just feel insecure, and feel like they have to call you derogative words”.

Hounsou is currently in court requesting joint custody with his mother, Kimora Lee Simmons. The problem is that Djimon resides in his home of Benin, in West Africa, and Kenzo lives with his mother in the US.

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The two are caught up in the bitter custody fight, with Djimon asking the judge for joint custody, and sources on Kimora’s side saying that he’s threatened to move their 10-year old to West Africa with him, and never bring him back. The latest development revealed that Djimon is now asking, not just for joint custody, but also for child support. Simmons claims that her ex-husband never paid any support to her.