DIY Electrical Repairs

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We are not all born repairmen. At least that’s easy to conclude. However, you have certainly wondered, countless times, what you can and cannot fix in your own home!

There are things that you should never try to do on your own without an electrician, but there are little things that you can safely put back into working order without the help of an experienced electrician who will monitor your work practices.

Of course, one has to limit oneself and be aware of limits. We should not try to do excessively difficult tasks that far outweigh our skills. Be realistic and determine what you can really do and what you cannot achieve.

It should be noted immediately that serious repairs or work on a larger project is out of the question and we certainly do not recommend it, but there are ones that you can do yourself. We have identified a few situations where you may not need the help of an expert electrician.

Repair of small home appliances

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When it comes to larger home appliances, they have many factors that may have been a problem. For smaller ones, this is not the case. This is the most advanced fix we recommend, but it really isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you. First of all, it is necessary to examine the cause of the problem and see what can be done.

For smaller appliances, it is not a problem to look at the problem, because the whole device fits in your hands and you can look at it whole and see what is the situation that needs to be repaired. An extremely important factor is having patience and the awareness to stop it if you see that it is not working for you.

Be careful not to repair the appliance while it is plugged in as it may cause a short circuit, but hopefully, you do not need to be an electrician to understand this. Therefore, feel free to try this, of course, only carefully, gradually and with a lot of patience, and you may even succeed without the help of a skilled electrician to carry out thoughtful repair work.

Bulb replacement

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It’s impossible that you haven’t tried this before. If not, know we don’t trust you. Everyone will do these hundreds of times throughout their lives. Perhaps the easiest home repair, generally, not just electrical. It is a very simple task that is easy to perform and does not pose any problem.

Of course, pay attention to whether the light is off so you do not experience electric juice, which will certainly not be dangerous to your health but may surprise you and therefore drop the light bulb and break the glass while installing a new light bulb, but all in all, it gives you is the easiest repair to expect in your life.

Fuse replacement

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You may be able to do this yourself, and you may need an electrician. But of course, you can first try to do it yourself. Carefully see which fuse is causing the problem, isolate and remove it from the box and then proceed to insert a new one. It seems simple because it is. Of course, unless you are adept at repairs or it is simply not your area of interest, it is not a shame to delegate this duty to an electrician and to learn from his work.

There are a lot of problems that fuses can have, most often over-temperature, overheating, and popping fuses out of the track. If you are unsuccessful or afraid of the risks that each repair carries, be sure to seek help. Better to admit to yourself that you can’t, than to try and make the problem even bigger, as Happyhiller suggests.

How to repair a vacuum cleaner?

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This is certainly more complicated than the previous things we mentioned, but simple enough that you can fix some of the failures yourself. A vacuum cleaner is one of the devices without which it is impossible to imagine keeping the house clean and tidy. It is a fan that draws dust into a water tank or bag through a pipe. The air is then filtered and expelled again.

There are several different models of vacuum cleaners, so there are horizontal and upright vacuum cleaners and those that work on water or have a bag.

If the suction power of the cylindrical vacuum cleaner causes the suction power to drop, it must be checked that there is something that has blocked the pipe. It is necessary to remove each part of the pipe, and while doing so it is important to start the vacuum cleaner and check the power.

If the power returned, the blockage was in the part of the pipe you removed, and if it continued to fall, there may be cracks in the pipe from the vacuum cleaner. Damaged parts can be wrapped with adhesive tape.

It is also better to prevent than cure, and in order for the vacuum cleaner to work as long as possible, it is good to empty the dust bags before they are fully filled and to check regularly for damage to the pipe, filter or bag.

What we can fix on our cars?

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It used to be a normal occurrence for anyone to repair minor failures on their car. Modern cars are impenetrable fortresses of expensive electronic equipment, so one wrong move can cause a domino effect.

What can we really do in our own car today?

If equipped with xenon lights, they run as high as 20,000 volts, so repair is dangerous.

Even changing the battery in some cars may result in the need to reprogram the windows and electronic remote key, without which engine starting is impossible.

And if you want to change the ordinary headlamp bulb, you will often need to reach out to the instruction manual, have patience, and remove a few parts before reaching for it.

What you can replace on today’s cars are air filters, interior filters and oil filters. You can also add oil, antifreeze and windshield washer fluid.


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Don’t be lazy and try to solve these things by yourself. Also, be careful and not put yourself in danger and if you are not sure what to do, call a professional.