8 Digital Marketing Trends that Every Marketer Must Know

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Marketing has been important for businesses since the very beginning, which cannot be replaced with anything else. But we also have to admit that marketing has evolved a lot with time. The advent of the internet has hastened that change, and things are still evolving at a very fast pace. Therefore, a marketer has to keep up with all the evolving trends to devise an effective marketing strategy.

Today Digital Marketing is an integral part of any marketing strategy, and it is no secret that Digital Marketing always evolves at a very fast pace. Therefore, marketers need to keep up with all the changes associated with Digital Marketing to keep their strategies as effective as possible. In addition, you can seek the services of digital marketing marketers like RedSearch to get desired business growth results.

To help marketers with that, we have compiled a list of the latest Digital Marketing trends of this year.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Play A Greater Role

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a thing of the future because businesses have realized its potential and found ways to leverage that potential. Google, which stays at the forefront of leveraging such technologies, will use AI technologies to determine the context of the words in the search query. The growth of the AI industry will definitely impact digital marketing as more and more businesses begin to get involved with this technology. Businesses are using this technology to search for keywords, create quality content, build strong links and optimize websites to bag the top ranks on the search engine results.

User-Centric Approach

It is important to ensure that whatever is done should be good for the user when it comes to digital marketing. Search engines like Google are always striving to provide the searchers with the best possible experience. This means that when a user is directed towards a website through SERP, it is important that the user is satisfied. When visitors are satisfied with the experience, it increases the chances of returning to the website again. Therefore, whenever a marketer is creating an digital marketing strategy, it is always important to think like the user would when they search for anything Google.

Page Load Speed Gains More Significance

In May of last year, Google announced an update to its existing ranking criteria known as Core Web Vitals. But what is Core Web Vitals? It is basically a set of user experience criteria based on different aspects, including responsiveness, page load speed, and visual stability. The search engine giant then planned to bring in a new signal that incorporates these elements into the existing user experience ranking mechanism. Therefore, the loading speed and stability of a website became more important than before in determining its ranking.

Semantic Search Gains More Prominence

The way people search for things and information online plays a major role in digital marketing. But, what are semantics? It is a study of words and their relations and, more specifically, their meaning in the specific context. When it comes to search engines, semantic search is the way search engines use all the data available to determine the intent, context, and even meaning of the query. This way they can better find the content and website that is most relevant to the query.

Depth of Content

When we publish any content on a website, we need to ensure that both the search engine and the reader can trust the site about the content being genuine. Suppose there is content about artificial intelligence, then the search engines and readers must know that whoever has written the content must have knowledge about the niche or subject. Studies show that content that is about 7000 to 8000 words long are very likely to perform well online as they drive in more traffic than an average article of 1000-1200 words long.

Effective Keyword Research

Numbers suggest that more than 50% of Google searches end without any click. This is because visitors find the necessary information from featured snippets, related questions and answers, and business listings. Sometimes customers don’t even finish typing their query and already get the answer to that query. As the competition for top ranks intensifies, it becomes more important to find the right keywords to drive traffic to the website. Marketers must focus on finding targeted and long-tailed keywords that can direct customers towards the website.

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Search Engines Hate Plagiarized Content

Content is the king when it comes to SEO because we have seen time and again that great content drives great outcomes. Therefore, businesses need to find unique and unplagiarized content that has not been published anywhere else on the internet. The content should always provide value to the visitors. There is no reason for Google to rank a website with plagiarized content above a website with unique and authentic content. Publishing unique and authentic content enhances the rank and establishes the website as a trusted brand in front of visitors and search engines.

Internal Linking

This is one such aspect that has been important for digital marketing for a long time now. Internal linking is the ideal tool for enabling both visitors and search engines to find the right pages. Search engines can leverage the XML sitemaps to find all the URLs on the site, but visitors need to navigate from one page to another in order to find the right information. Businesses must establish a clear website hierarchy that enables the visitors and search engines to move from one page to the other and can make a significant impact on the website’s ranking.


Digital Marketing is very important for every business that wants to grow and reach out to numerous customers. As everybody is not skilled or experienced enough to devise an digital marketing strategy that can help the business realize its goals, the job of marketers becomes very important. This is the main reason why marketers always need to stay updated with all the latest digital marketing trends to devise an effective marketing strategy that drives enhanced outcomes.