Different Ways to Style a Crop Top Lehenga


To look outstanding in your crop top Lehenga on your wedding day or other various ceremonies that you adorn to it, it is important that the same effort you put while you choose your Lehenga skirt should be similar to the crop top you plan to pair it with. This is important to be able to ace your bridal outfit or the outfit you plan to buy. You can find increasing trend of unique designs and styles of the crop top lehenga on StyleCaret that is suitable for various body types. Hence you are spoilt for choice in regards to what you choose to get. The crop top will break the monotony of the traditional Lehenga by bringing out the modern look. Also everyone one can wear the crop top but it should flow with your bodies silhouette perfectly to avoid committing any fashion faux pas. Below are some ways and considerations in order to style your crop top Lehenga well.

Choose your cut and style your fit

There are many cuts that you can go for, for your crop top design. In recent fashion trends the ordinary signature crop top that ends at the midriff is not a must adorn to for there are many other designs that have come up. There is a perfect cut for everyone to bring out your personality and fashion taste. You can choose to expose the belly or have minimal skin between your top and Lehenga. You can have your blouse designed as a cold shoulder, ruffles, or a high neck illusion as many cuts you can opt for. Styling your fit is also important to avoid loose hanging clothes or too fitting clothes that are comfortable. This will ensure you can flatter your body with the crop top whether it is a loose or tight fit.

Accessories and styling the sleeve

Other than weddings, when wearing your crop top lehengas for different occasions. You do not only wear them as plainly as you bought them. It is crucial to accessorize it right to look the part of the fashionista that you are. Depending on how you style your crop top sleeves and the cut. Wear necklaces either long ones or chokers to create a balance of the crop top look to balance the whole outfit. Do not forget to wear jewelry for it also affects how your overall outcome will look like. Such as the Maang tikka, earrings, the nose ring and your dupatta as well. The trick while styling the sleeve is that it should be free to allow movement and look relaxed and comfortable despite the style you choose. Although many people prefer the fuller sleeves since they add grace to the entire look. One-third of the sleeves is also a great option for a Lehenga choli look.

Styling for the petite


A perfect Lehenga look for the petite girls is a low waist Lehenga. Especially if you have a flat tummy a Lehenga choli will look absolutely beautiful on you. Choose a Lehenga with a voluminous flare to balance out your petite frame and make your look more stunning. This will also ensure that your look does not look too skinny, especially in a free flowing crop top that looks like your second skin for how it hugs on you. Depending on the occasion you are attending there are various lehengas you can choose for your frame to blend in with the rest. Plus, is you being a petite bride the options for your crop top Lehenga are endless and a lot of clothes are designed in favor of such a body type.

Styling for the apple shaped body type

A wide neck crop top is the best for an apple shaped body type. Since the top part of your body is the problem area. It is important to know the worst designs to choose for this body shape. For instance, the off shoulders and sleeveless tops since they do not flow well with your body shape. A crop top made of sheer fabric with an open look gives a great blend with the Lehenga. If you have to accessorize with your dupatta do not drape it over your chest it will make you look fuller. Opt to carry it around the elbows and this will make your bust area slimmer and your arms as well.

Styling the plus size bride

Do you worry if you can rock in a Lehenga choli as a plus size bride? Of course, it is possible as long as you understand your body frame and checking what works for you. Getting a Lehenga that will make you feel confident and beautiful as a plus size is now more possible than ever. Choose a crop top that has a cut that ends at the middle of your rib cage to get that flattering figure. This is so since the rib cage area is the thinnest part of your body and it will make your figure slim. Choose half sleeves and a matching crop top and Lehenga to ensure that it is a flowy outfit. Instead of a contrasting one that makes one concentrate one either the lower or upper part of the body.

In summary, it is important to flow with a bridal color theme when wearing a Lehenga if you do not want any unnecessary attention to your crop top Lehenga different color, design and styling unless otherwise. Plus, if you do not want to drape your dupatta use it as a veil or over the shoulder you will still have a stunning outfit. For the lovers of heavy jewelry with your crop top ensure that the neckline is simple to accommodate the jewelry with minimal embroidery. Do not allow your body frame to bother you much, be comfortable in your body and learn how to dress your body type. For instance, what crop top styles work for you and be a fashionista in your own right and flaunt in your adorned body shape.