Dialer CRMs Clash

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Call centers are always aiming to improve their performance because the more calls they generate and the more effective they are the bigger the revenue. This means that their employees or agents have to be as effective as possible. Losing just a minute of your time as an agent during a sale or customer supports can be quite costly. This is why such companies use power (also known as CRM) dialers. Through this automation, call centers gain a lot more efficiency by reducing the time between calls, removing any obstacle that may cost time such as answering calls, getting busy or disconnected calls, etc.

With it, the call center can boost its sales considerably, and the customers will be much more satisfied because of its efficiency. The more customers you satisfy, the higher the sales which result in fewer expenses in the end.

But considering how much different CRM dialers are available, it can be pretty hard to decide which one you should use. One can be slow but with a lot of different features while the other can be much faster but with fewer features, so it comes down to you to decide which one will satisfy your needs and your company’s requirements.

To help you with your decision we will explain what exactly is a power dialer, how it works and its benefits.

What does it mean?

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A CRM dialer is a completely automated phone dialing software that easily connects all the customers you are trying to call with the employees in your call center. An important thing to note is that a predictive one is not the same as a powerful one as they work quite differently. A predictive one dials all of the numbers that are in your system even though you do not have an employee available. After someone finally picks up the calls through the system, an agent will also pick up the phone.

A power dialer requires agents to constantly be on the line while the calls are being made which means that there will be no need to transfer the call to another employee. When one of your agents becomes available again, the system will then automatically call the next customer in your database which means that you have control over the dialing rates in your company.

How does it work?

So, you know the basics of it and what it means. It starts calling your contacts once you have an agent that has become available, it does not call when there isn’t an employee on the line. The moment your agent hears that there is someone who picked up the call at the other end of the line, they will instantly start talking to the customer. Simply put, the role of the power dialer is to instantly connect your employee with the person who picked up the phone.

So, you might be wondering where does the dialer saves so much time that it helps a call center so much. Well, the biggest time saver is between the calls that fail to connect. In other words, when contact is busy, declines the connection, does not answer, the power dialer will disconnect the call and will move to the next number that is located in your database. It is pretty simple, but it definitely helps. If you are still confused about how CRM with dealer works, you can learn more here.

It also works with inbound connections

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Another great thing about this software is that it works both with outbound and inbound connections. This automated system will make sure that every single inbound connection that is coming into your company will be answered or accepted. All of your customers will be instantaneously moved to speak with one of your employees.

However, if there is a moment where you do not have any agents available after the connection of your customer has been answered, you can use the feature that allows you to play soothing and relaxing music to help your customers stay calm and patient. There are usually a few options the system recommends that you could use, but you can also freely upload your own music if you do not like the options you have been offered.

The clash between different dialers

So, you finally realize how these automated systems works and you finally decided that it is time you integrate one of them into your company. But how do you do it and how do you even pick the right one? It can be quite complicated if you do not compare the features they differentiate in.

To help you with your decisions we took the freedom of taking two very competitive systems, PhoneBurner and CRMDialer.

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One of the main benefits of CRMDialer is that you can make the calls from an imported contact list to increase the number of calls your agents can make throughout the day.

Not only you can make a direct connection with your agents, but they can also utilize the voicemail feature to record “on the go” messages that they can easily deliver to inbound customers who have been connected to the company and are waiting for an employee. There is also the option to use one of the pre-recorded voicemails that your employees can use to send to your customers instead of recording them at the moment. This feature will definitely help you avoid losing customers to lost connections.

Now, let’s look at some of the features you can get out of PhoneBurner. The interface of this system is so well-designed and easy to use, you will not lose any time on getting used to it even if you have never used a power dialer before in your life. This promises that they can deliver you over 70 connections per hour. Keep in mind, their advertised maxed connections can only be reached if you go through the setup to optimize the automated system.

After you have gone through the setup and have imported your contact list into the database of the system it will be pretty simple to use the software.