Demi Moore Has Decided To Age Gracefully

Image source: Instagram

Being in quarantine Demi Moore (57) apparently has decided to not dye her hair, but instead to embrace her silver streaks.

Image source: Instagram

Last week Demi shared a throwback pic from the 1980s, that was probably shot around the time “Blame it on Rio” came out which was in 1984. She was a stunner and judging by the comments left by her fans on Instagram, she still is. Here are some photos of Demi from her heyday.

Image source: Instagram/1980s
Image source: “Ghost” 1990.
Image source: Best of Comicbooks/”Striptease” 1996.

Demi, who is holed up in Idaho with ex Bruce Willis and daughters Rumer (31), Scout (28),  and Tallulah (26) as well as their various boyfriends and Demi’s assistant, has been updating fans regularly with the brood’s activities.

Image source: Instagram