Tips For Dealing With Storm Damage in 2024

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A storm can often surprise us unpleasantly. Regardless of the weather forecast, nature seems to surprise us in most cases – and catch us completely unprepared. Then, we face problems such as losses. Material damage can sometimes be extremely great. Damaged cars and house roofs, broken windows, or power outages are just some of the consequences people face after the storm. Therefore, in this text, we will show you some of the ways you can deal with the damage caused by bad weather.

Climate Change And Frequent Storms

In recent decades, we have been talking more and more about climate change. The fact is, we are witnessing great changes in nature for which we are largely responsible. Heavy pollution in cities, the greenhouse effect, an enormous number of cars – all this affects the circumstances in nature to which we are also exposed.

However, nature itself can sometimes be very unpredictable. No matter how much you follow the weather forecast – you cannot say with 100% certainty what kind of weather awaits for you tomorrow. That is why some storms, but also other weather conditions – can find us completely unprepared. Don’t allow that to yourself! Weather conditions are one of the most common reasons why people are left without their homes.

Therefore, the first and basic advice is to ensure your home – but also to provide it with the highest quality maintenance, so that your home is at least partially safer in the event of strong storms. What to do and how to behave if the storm already catches us – here are some tips.

Rehabilitation Of The Home In Case Of Flood

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Almost always, big storms are accompanied by extremely heavy rainfall, whether it is rain or snow. Then it happens that a large amount of water penetrates homes. After the level of surface water decreases after the flood, it is possible to start pumping water from the flooded premises. This pumping is most successfully performed by high-capacity pumps depending on the height of the groundwater level. Here are some more tips on what you should do when dealing the damage after the storm.

Cleaning And Disinfection

The second phase is the cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces of the building using a high-pressure washer. Washing and disinfection are performed with water mixed with disinfectant and high-pressure jets are used to remove surface dirt from ceilings, walls, and floors. It is necessary to remove the paint from all surfaces so that the drying can be faster – because the paints seal the surfaces of the walls and ceilings, thus slowing down or preventing them from drying. Paint removal can be done mechanically or chemically (manually or mechanically).

Draining The Walls

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The next stage is the drying of the walls and floors of the building with the help of dehydrators – moisture dehumidifiers. It is ideal to have one dehumidifier in each room, but given the number of costs for this stage, it is possible to dehumidify the floor, which, however, takes so much longer. Devices-dryers need to be of sufficient capacity to extract a sufficient amount of water. Jesuit is done by closing all openings (doors and windows, etc.) – and the mobile device is placed in the central part of the room or apartment. If several rooms are drained at once – then all the interior doors are open and the entrance is closed and sealed with strips.

Tree Removal

Strong storms often leave uprooted trees and broken branches. This is not only an aesthetic problem but also carries with it many dangers. Trees affected by the storm can break and fall, causing material damage, and can even injure passers-by. Therefore, eliminating this problem is very important. In these situations, it is not recommended to remove wood or broken branches on your own. It is better to ask help with experts like Dave Lund Tree Services and Forest co ltd to avoid accidents.

According to, experts are needed for such a thing. Their knowledge and experience are needed primarily in assessing the condition of trees after a storm. Very often, it can seem to laypeople that a tree is completely healthy, but the sharp eye of a professional can judge it better.

Repair Of Furniture And Appliances

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Most older household appliances that operate on the principle of electromechanics, for example, refrigerator or washing machine – can be used even after flooding. However, they must first be thoroughly cleaned and dried, outside and inside, and possibly replace individual parts. All this should be done by a professional.

Appliances with a digital processor such as a computer, mobile phone, or microwave oven – will most likely be permanently damaged after being in the water. Therefore, don’t even try it. Gas appliances should also be thoroughly cleaned, as contaminated water can create blockages in installations that can cause gas leaks. Rugs and carpets can be dried in the sun if they have not started to mold – but they should be covered with a sheet so that their colors do not fade.

Small Household Inventory

Dishes and cutlery can be reused after thorough boiling and washing. Unfortunately, books suffer enormous damage during floods, but they can be saved with a lot of patience. It is important not to turn the pages if they are soaked in water – as this will damage them most easily.

You should first dry wet books completely – and then carefully remove excess water with paper towels and leave upright to dry at room temperature. This process can take several weeks, and the results are never perfect – so think carefully about whether it might be more cost-effective to simply buy new books. Children’s rubber toys can be used again after they are thoroughly washed, and plastic toys should be washed with disinfectant (alcohol or hydrogen) – and then rinsed with water.

Extra Tip

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If you have any doubts about how to act in a situation, consult a professional. We are sure that they will not ask you for compensation for expert advice – especially in a situation like this. For more complex construction works, such as the repair of structural elements, be sure to hire qualified workers. The same applies to all works on electrical installations and installations of water supply, sewerage, and gas pipelines.