Top 7 Things to Consider when Dating a Hot Russian Bride – 2024 Guide

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If you glance over a list of brides from Russia, you will easily notice that these girls are exclusive. They are like no other nation in the world. Russian girls are both hot, smart, and intelligent.

It is such a pleasure to talk with a Russian bride because she is very polite. They like to communicate with foreigners, and you are welcome to visit Russia to get acquainted with one of its beauties. However, you should do certain things during the first date with a Russian bride to make her interested in you:

Things to do during the first date with a Russian bride:

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Be polite

Russian women like well-mannered guys. If you dislike her dress or hair color, do not say it to her because she might get offended by your words. These girls are very touchy and can easily get hurt. Be attentive and do not use rude words. There is no need also to use obscene language. Dirty words are exactly the ones that the Russian language is abundant in, so she will not like you if you behave like a Russian drunkard or drug addict. This is the category of people in Russia who think that dirty words are appropriate in everyday speech. Do not use these words, dude, got it?

Be kind

Russian women like when a man is generous. If he is not mean, it means that she can trust him and proves the fact that he cares for her. To prove that you are a kind person, you would better bring flowers on the first date. Ideally, you should bring a big bouquet for every friend to know that she is dating a wealthy foreigner.

The more expensive the bouquet is, the better. Reviews like other people to envy them for their happiness and enjoy a kind of showing off. It is a norm for a Russian bride to behave this way because it is a part of Russian culture. Every granny who lives nearby must be aware that a certain Russian girl is dating someone. The candidate to win her heart must look the best in the eyes of her neighbors and relatives. If you want to impress her, be as generous as you can.

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Be patient

Do not insist on spending the night together on the first date. Russian girls do not like light-minded men. If you want to build strong relationships, you would better be patient. It does not mean that you cannot touch her as if she was made of glass. It means that you need to win her heart step by step and only then proceed to move closer to her body. If she likes you and you like her, you will soon understand that you are made for each other. Speeding up is unacceptable on the first date, however. Keep your nerves still and cool down till she opens her heart to you.

Show your intellect

If you are a smart man, you would rather demonstrate your intellect. There is no need to pretend that you are smarter than you really are, though. She might be very educated and intelligent. Russian girls have higher education. At least 80% of them do, so you need to take it into account. No stupid jokes are acceptable on the first date because you might frustrate her and make her less interested.

Just keep the balance and show that you are smart but remain wise at the same time and do not overdo. Do not boast that you earn a lot of money because Russian brides think that it is an inappropriate way of behavior. They even say that «Happiness loves silence.» If you want to prove to her that you are a happy person, you would better keep your mouth closed and smile more.

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Be happy

It is not a secret that only happy people can make others happy. Check your level of happiness. Ask yourself questions about whether you are happy and what you need to be happier. You may also ask yourself, «What can I do to make my bride happy?»

It is recommended to start building serious relationships only if you are a happy person. If you need someone to make yourself happy, marriage is not for you yet. Therefore, try to change the way you feel. You may visit a psychologist or find a spiritual leader to guide you. Do not give up if you are depressed. Many ways in the world can help you get rid of depression. However, do not try to get married if you suffer from a deep depression at the same time.

Show her your love

If you care and like her, you should demonstrate to her that you do. For instance, you might invite her to dance with you, give her a little touch, bring flowers on a date. She must feel that you like her and do not have other girls on your mind and in your heart. Make her feel like she is the only one.

Showing love is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it is a sign that you are a real man and can take care of the one you want to be with and love. Be attentive to her words and listen. Nod from time to time to show that you are interested in her speech. You might give her a few comments about the thing she says.

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Respect her

Giving a little touch does not mean that you should embrace her. The first date is not designed to do things like this. Respect her parents that have brought her up. If she does not look like a frivolous girl, do not try to seduce her. Even if she looks like this, do not tempt her. Try to place yourself in her parents’ shoes and understand their feelings. If you want to create a positive impression on both her father and her, you should be a little bit shy and wait. Respect her feelings and the feelings of her closest friends and relatives.

To sum up

All in all, there is no need to rush on the first date with a Russian bride. These women are hot, but it does not mean that you can go to bed with her as soon as you get acquainted. Russian brides are not the poorest and the most stupid girls in the world. They can figure out your motives very fast. You should not lie to her since Rusian brides like when a man is honest and sincere. No way you should tell her that she is obese, even if she is, because you might hurt her and never see her again.

Wish you to stand still and calm down. Note that smoking and drinking alcohol before a date is unacceptable too. Russian girls hate such a category of men because they think they are cowards. Wish you the most successful date ever with your hot Russian bride! Good luck!