6 Benefits Of Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates

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The increased popularity of cannabis, either for reactional use or health purposes, has led to different ways of extracting this plant. Your preferred method of using this drug depends on your personal needs and preferences.

One of the newest ways of enjoying cannabis concentrates is dabbing, which is fast becoming the go-to option to enjoy this herb. And the hype is expected, considering this plant extraction method makes this entire process straightforward and less intimidating, a struggle many people had when it came to deciding the best method to use cannabis concentrates.

What’s Dabbing?

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Dabbing is the name given to a method of inhaling cannabis concentrates by placing them in a dabbing rig and allowing them to vaporize, thus getting the potent effects and flavors. Inhaling the cannabis herb through this method can result in the high being much more potent than smoking buds.

Some of the cannabis concentrates that can be consumed through dabbing include budder (a tacky substance), shatter (stiff, glass-like substance), or wax (a honey-like element). This concentrates upon getting heated while in the dabbing rig, vaporizes, and can consequently be inhaled. You can find various dab rigs and learn more here.

Why Should You Consider Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates?

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Since you now understand what dabbing is, the next thing you need to understand is the benefits of dabbing cannabis concentrates, and these include;

1. Potency

If you feel that smoking the flower doesn’t give you the high you want, consider dabbing, as the cannabis concentrates are usually purer and more potent. Dabbing provides a higher potency high because it involves heating the extract to its boiling point. As a result, you inhale pure cannabis concentrate components such as THC.

Therefore, you should experience a speedy, powerful high in only one or two hits when dabbing. This is because the active ingredients have been extracted from the herb and concentrated into something much stronger. In addition, the cannabinoid content in concentrates can be upwards of 80 percent, whereas flowers are typically 20 percent or less.

2. Less Mess

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Dabbing is also a great way to consume cannabis concentrates because regardless of whether you’re using an e-nail, dab rig, or a dab pen, it doesn’t create a lot of mess. This is because cannabis concentrates don’t produce a strong smell compared to weed crumbles. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the mess resulting from crushing the weed using a grinder. Therefore, you don’t need to clean up after any mess once you’re done enjoying your cannabis concentrate, and this helps ensure everything remains discreet.

3. Produces Less Smoke And Is Healthier

Another advantage of dabbing is it produces less smoke. When you smoke a traditional joint, most of the cannabinoids are destroyed by the combustion process, and the rest are released in the smoke. What gets released into the air when you combust marijuana isn’t only cannabinoids but also many other unwanted components. Furthermore, smoking cannabis produces tar that can cause lung damage.

In contrast, dabbing doesn’t produce a lot of smoke since you’ll be vaporizing the cannabis concentrate that mainly consists of terpenes and cannabinoids without any plant matter. And through vaporization, a less dense and milder cloud of smoke is produced. Because of this, dabbing helps reduce how much smoke finds its way into your lungs hence a healthier alternative.

4. Flavorful

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Another reason dabbing cannabis concentrates is ideal is to enjoy one of the best flavors. This is achieved because when dabbing, the low and steady temperatures improve the overall flavor of the cannabis concentrate. This differs from smoking cannabis flowers, where the flavor and aroma molecules are lost in the vapor stream.

Dabbing concentrates can be especially useful if you have a sensitive sense of smell and desire a more full-bodied experience. Inhaling the cannabis concentrate through dabbing, unlike with smoking, gives you an insightful and clearer buzz rather than a foggy, slow-motion experience. As a result, you get to enjoy yourself a lot more when dabbing cannabis concentrates because you can feel its flavor.

5. A Quick Onset Of Effects

Dabbing is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of medical marijuana. Whether you’re new to medical marijuana or have been using it for years, nothing is more frustrating than waiting around for your medicine to kick in when you need it most.

But with dabbing, you shouldn’t have such concerns as you can start feeling the effects as quickly as within 2 minutes of inhalation and last between 2-4 hours, depending on the strength and quality of the concentrate. This isn’t the case with some methods where you’ll need to wait for the edible to kick in, usually after 30 to 90 minutes. You also don’t need to smoke marijuana over and over again throughout the day for 30 to 60 minutes to achieve your desired result within minutes.

The quick pain relief you get from dabbing is music to the ears when suffering from health conditions such as nausea and chronic pain. Thanks to the instant and effective relief, you feel better from whatever health issue you’re undergoing.

6. It’s Efficient

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Dabbing is also popular because it’s an efficient way of using cannabis concentrates. This is because by only heating only a small amount of concentrate, you’ll be able to get high without wasting any product. On the other hand, if you were to smoke or ingest an eighth of a flower, there’s a chance that your material would get lost in the process. And even worse, you wouldn’t experience the high you want without using an extra cannabis concentrate.

But when using a dabbing rig, you’re assured of efficient use of the cannabis concentrate because it features a carb cap that creates a seal around the nail or banger. This usually causes the concentrate to evaporate fast and efficiently.


Dabbing is a great way to healthily use cannabis concentrates by heating it until it vaporizes. If you’re considering dabbing but aren’t too sure whether it’s the right call, this exhaustive blog post has outlined the benefits of dabbing. With this in mind, you’ll be able to decide whether this method of consuming cannabis best fits your preference.