6 Tips and Tricks for Customizing Your own Sneakers

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Customizing your shoes will be an awesome choice when it comes to creating a more unique and interesting look for plain shoes. In addition, the customizing process is another brilliant method of bringing an old pair of shoes back to life. When you wear a new pair of sneakers you will surely draw attention, however, personalizing your sneakers into something different from the others will make them stand out even more. The easiest way to customize shoes is with white sneakers. Pick a sneaker with a leather or vinyl material. In fact, your sneakers will be your working canvas. The choice is completely yours in deciding the most suitable style of shoe to use for whatever look you’re trying to create.

Create a plan

Prior to doing what you want with these upcoming customized kicks, your first suggestion would be to create a general sketch of your plan. Use paper or a computer software tool like Photoshop or Illustrator to help you create an illustration of what exactly you’d like to achieve. You will find this helpful in the process of better visualizing your sneaker artwork before you begin creating it with permanent colors. Making your general sketch is highly essential since you’ll be working with your pair of shoes, which will serve as your canvas. However, for them to be a pair of creative and successful custom designs, you’ll need to ensure that both shoes look identical.

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Prepare your sneakers

Basically, with this step, you have to take off the clear varnish, which most producers spray on their footwear in order to provide protection. It will be a necessity to remove this, so the colour adheres directly to the leather, which is not the case with the clear coat. First, remove the shoelaces, then clean the shoe using a cotton ball that will be previously soaked in nail polish remover. You will find this to be the most important step in the customization process. By doing this you will realize that when you wipe the soaked cotton balls over the shoe there will be a significant accumulated layer that is coming off the shoe.

Pick your paints

Once you imagine the look you want to achieve along with the choice of colours you might require, then you can start selecting your paints. Paint markers for customized sneaker designs are generally an excellent choice. However, there are some paint markers that have a very faint colour as well as other that are ultra-watery. As a result, these types will not do the job properly when it comes to sneaker art. To achieve the optimal effects, ensure that the markers you pick have the thickest texture. Paint markers can be purchased in various tip dimensions ranging from bold to thin. You can select the right tip sizes for your artwork depending on your draft. For example, with a thin tip, you will be able to draw details more easily or spots that are difficult to reach. On the other hand, with a thicker tip, you’ll be able to cover more of the surface with colour.

Spray paint may be applied as well. When using spray paint as a foundation, ensure that you have thin caps in order to prevent the aerosol from covering any of the details you would like to highlight. Spray cans tend to be more challenging to apply, and they are generally considered to be most appropriate for use on large canvases. Therefore, it is not recommended for beginners to use spray paint to do their customized sneaker design.

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Use a pencil to draw a rough sketch of your artwork on the shoes

By doing this you will be able to identify where you should paint as well as minimize the possibility of making mistakes. Be sure that you make light marks on your artwork so that when you finish painting the pencil traces won’t be visible. Remember when painting shoes for the first time that you should always do your designs simple.

Cover parts of the sneakers

The problem with airbrushing is that you always have to be aware and keep an eye on both the over-spraying and under-spraying. Particularly, when the colours are being mixed, rather than coming directly from the bottle, can be especially difficult. To minimize the cleaning up process due to the over or under-spraying, it is necessary that the taping of the shoes will be accurate.

However, the process involved can be tiresome, since you may need to spend hours tearing and applying the tape, all this only to reapply it to different areas after the first coat of paint is applied. In case you find the whole process time-consuming or boring, there are companies such as Zotuz, which can customize your sneakers.

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Add on airbrush finishing sealing

Adding a sealant on top of your sneakers will help you keep your paint sealed to the leather and give your paint a nice shine. You may apply more coats of spray or paint if you want your shoes to be shinier. Once the sealer is added to your customized kicks, it will keep the paint protected. When they do get dirty, it will be a lot easier for you to clean them compared to if they were completely new. All you need to do is take soap and water on a clean towel and test it out. Lastly, make sure to let the sealant dry for a minimum of 24-48 hours before you start wearing them.

Custom footwear has become the new trend. They are a way to enjoy wearing completely unique shoes. Whatever may be the reason, custom shoe creation will be an excellent way for you to express yourself and tell everyone about your creative side. They can also be personalized as needed for a gift. In addition, adults can also choose a custom shoe design for their baby or their children while they are not really bothered about the shoes they wear or whether they are customized or not.

Although you can customize your sneakers using whatever style you desire, you will find that many companies are able to do it for you, which means the choice of your shoe customization will be completely based on your own ideas. All you have to do is visualize the look you would like your future sneakers to have, and they will do it for you.