How to Find the Perfect Custom Printed Table Cover for Your Organization

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From planning to represent your business in a trade convention to setting your shop up in the local marketplace, it’s crucial to lure the customer’s attention to be a successful business venture. One of the simplest and yet one of the most important methods to do this is by simply printing your custom print table cover and displaying it on the table where you market your products. Printed table covers don’t cost much and are actually very cost-effective. Printed table covers can easily recover the amount you spend on them and more by getting you more customers than you would without a custom printed table cover.

Custom printed table covers captivate the attention of passersby and instantly give them a brief idea about your brand and your products. Using a plain tablecloth instead of your custom table cover can give off a false impression that you don’t take your business and clients seriously enough to advertise for it. According to StrikeNow, your custom printed table cover can help you brand your product and organization and set you out from the rest of your competitors, giving you a much-needed competitive edge.

However, with numerous websites and shops claiming to have the best prints and covers for your brand it can be really hard to choose which shop you should go for. That’s why in this article we’ll discuss several tips that can help you choose the perfect custom printed table cover for your organization that sets your brand standard impressing everyone.

Arrange your budget and needs

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Before making any purchase we should keep our budget in mind and then list down our necessary needs. Decide beforehand how much you can afford to spare for a printed table cover and tell your budget to your preferred table cover printing manufacturer who can then customize your order to suit your needs while staying within the budget.

If you have any special requests as well, like the position of your logo or the color at a particular spot then you should ensure that you communicate it with your printing manufacturer. You’d be surprised at how cheap custom printed table covers are with prices starting as low as $160 for the standard printed table covers. However, if you see a manufacturer offering rates way below this threshold, we recommend you quality-check their fabric and prints prior to purchasing it to ensure you don’t get scammed with a low-quality product.

Choose the right fabric

Choosing the perfect fabric for your brand is also important. Are you going to attend a lot of conventions and trade shows at the same time? Then consider choosing a spandex fabric. It’s tight and offers a clean and neat look to your place. Are you representing a food or beverages brand and have a lot of those lying on your table for testing? Then consider a water-resistant table cover. Even if awkward accidents happen like spillage or slipping, your custom printed table cover won’t get ruined and you’ll be able to use it again.

On the other hand, are you going to attend a lot of programs that are situated outside? Then by spending a bit more, we recommend you go for the canvas fabric. It’s very sturdy and will last you for a longer time than other fabrics even after using it outside. It’s the same material that tents are made of so you can be assured of its quality and ability to resist harsh weather.

Be transparent about your printing options and choose the right method

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Let your custom table cover printing manufacturer know all about the nitty-gritty details of the printed table cover you have in your mind. If there is transparency of communication between you and your manufacturer, you’ll have the joy of receiving a quality product and they will have the satisfaction of delivering.

Most manufacturers will also understand if you are low on budget and accordingly offer printing options that fit within your budget. For example, for a more affordable alternative than a standard print, a printing manufacturer can instead offer to print in just a specific area and have the rest covered in a plain background color to limit costs. They can also give you the option of printing your custom prints with the screen-printing method – the cheapest method in the market but also one that is capable of handling only simple prints that don’t have much color.

But if you have a big budget that can afford it, we recommend you go for printing the whole front side of your table cover with your logo and the background of your liking. The bigger your print is the more attention it’ll attract at conventions which end up giving you more customers. You can even make it more attractive and colorful with the digital print printing method that copies the exact colors you need with perfection.

Choose the perfect table cover style and size for you

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There are numerous table cover styles you can equip your table with depending on the type of table you have and the style you are going for. If you want to look more professional and clean, then the fitted style can be a good choice for you. Spandex is the perfect material for the stretch and table cover style. There is also the standard throw style which looks attractive and stylish and your go-to if you can’t think of any custom style for your table.

Then there is the table runner style which is gaining popularity nowadays because it not only looks modern but is also considerably more affordable than other styles since it prints a very limited part. If you want to store your items under your table then we recommend going for open back throw table covers where you can easily access your items as needed.

If you are unsure about the size of your table, many printing manufacturers offer custom-sized printed table covers according to your needs. However, custom orders may take a while longer to create, which is why you must inform your printing manufacturer about your custom size well before time. If you know your table size is either 6ft and 8ft but don’t know exactly how much, you can even consider buying an 8ft stretch table cover which can also act as a 6ft throw style table cover if needed!


There are many factors to consider while searching for the perfect custom printed table cover for your brand. We hope this article helped you achieve exactly that and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.