Cryptocurrencies VS Kinesis

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Informing yourself about your options on the market now is essential to making the best financial decision that can represent your money stability for the years to come.

One such familiar topic is the debate on whether to opt for Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and XRP. Or instead, invest in Kinesis as a long-term solution for the benefit of your finances.

Historically looking at this situation, this issue has been around for centuries. In the time where there was no traditional money, people traded the goods they had for those they wanted. The problem occurred when one side didn’t require the offered products from the other party, and the need for an alternative source of paying was a must. We have reached the topic of gold and its historical place of importance that still has in today’s world.

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With the rapid rise of use in Bitcoin, people have obviously put their faith in this fluctuating currency. The introduction and offers of the exchange office, private security, and others have attracted many interested parties in this crypto-currency. Enthusiasm and value of Bitcoin were hit with their most alarming low prices for exchange since their record value. The dropping trend continues to fluctuate from the end of 2017, affecting the investments in this currency in 2018 and 2019, opposite to previous expectations. Maybe the direction of investments in Crypto-currencies with time is changing, and another option is required.

Kinesis, on the other hand, is the potential answer you have been searching for. It represents a blockchain technology established on allowing gold to be spendable, with digital currencies have a 1:1 allocation with physical transactions. The new age of gold-backed crypto-currency is upon us, and no wonder the gold-rush has shaken the crypto world with Kinesis.  The procedure is constructed to bring security in the real-life storing physical assets in safe hands for keeping. This represents a unique monetary solution that reintroduces a currency based on 1:1 allocated silver and gold, where one token equals one ounce of gold or silver.

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Insured by the blockchain technology to eliminate the need for a central bank that allows you the freedom to transact without the control of financial institutions in general sense. Kinesis benefits the whole procedure of transactions with a return of investments to a sustainable monetary system based on the physical assets above mentioned. The theory that Kinesis Velocity Tokens – KVT is the currency of tomorrow is confirmed by numbers that keep increasing. Better explained, in the fact that when released on the 10th of September, the last year until March 2019 managed to generate over $60 million for public sale and pre-sale in total for KVT’s. Note that Kinesis Money is depended on the ABX – Allocated Bullion Exchange, the institutional marketplace for the purpose of trade of precious physical metals gold and silver, on seven locations in the world in 2011.

We hope that recognizing Kinesis is not a business decision but a future style of life you will benefit from.