5 Best Cross-Country American Road Trips

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The USA is a huge country and it is the place to go if you are into road trips. It has a network of highways and routes that go through the most beautiful places and can make your trip worthwhile. Whether a road trip is a goal or just a pleasant addition to your travels in general, here are a few routes that you are bound to enjoy. Not only are they picturesque, but also, they go through the whole country and allow you to see and explore more.

Before going on such an adventure, it is important to take some steps to prepare. Firstly, you have to consider your means of transport. You need to double-check what kind of car you’ve got, or are planning to rent, as some routes can be more treacherous, so you might consider exotic vehicle rental with 14car.com. For instance, going to the mountains you should probably get an SUV or vice versa going along the coast could be that much more enjoyable if you are driving a convertible. Besides, think about the supplies you will need, and actually what kind of things you will need on the road. Be sure to prepare an emergency kit, as the road can be quite unpredictable.

Pacific Coast Highway

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Starting with the classic, Pacific Coast Highway is the must on tourists’ itinerary as it lets you explore different natural surroundings, by going from rainforests in Washington to a near-desert landscape in San Diego. What is more, you get to enjoy the majestic views of the Pacific Ocean coastline. This is surely the route to rent an exotic car for, as it is pretty romantic driving with the wind in your hair.  This road trip has a lot of highlights, including Olympic National Park, Hearst Castle, Big Sur, etc. Besides, there are a lot of towns and cities on the way that could be fun stops on the road, like Santa Monica, San Francisco, and a myriad of small towns along the way.

The Loneliest Road

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Going from coast to coast, the road from San Francisco to Ocean City Maryland lets you explore a dozen of states in the USA and a couple of state capitals on the way. It is called the Loneliest road as it goes through stretches of country that are quite desolate and empty. It is the road to take if you want to avoid crowds of people, but still want to see some touristy places. This way goes past Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Kansas City, and Washington DC. Besides, you can see different landscapes, including the Rockies, the Great Basin Desert, and the red rocks of Colorado.

The Appalachian Trail

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The most famous hiking trail aka the Appalachian Trail could be explored with more comfort by doing a road trip. As this trail goes through some mountainous landscapes, exotic cars rental could come in handy. Apart from allowing you to marvel at some of the most majestic views, it lets you fully experience the country, by taking you through some of the wealthiest and poor towns and communities. There is a striking contrast between the rich and luxurious resorts and the run-down towns. Even though this route is chosen for its views of wildlife, there are still a lot of detours that you can make to enjoy the historic side of things, such as the home of Thomas Jefferson or the richest mansion in the country, Asheville’s Biltmore.

Atlantic Coast Route

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The east coast of the USA is a bit different from the western one, but it has a lot to offer for a curious explorer. You can start in New York by visiting the Statue of Liberty and go all the way along the Atlantic Coast to Key West. There is something different to any taste, like sprawling urban centers, small fishing villages, out of the way rural towns, and long stretches of clear areas by the coast.

If you are up for an adventure, get exotic rental cars and visit multiple fun locations on the way, including Atlantic City, Ocean City, and Myrtle Beach. And of course, let’s not forget about the gem of the east coast, the Big Apple. It offers so many fun activities for the young and the families. What is more, Florida is another destination on the east coast that is also a must on the touristy agenda, so you should also make a stop there.

The Oregon Trail

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Travelling from Oregon to Cape Cod can be as much of an adventure. Driving along the trail you can imagine what it was like for the original settlers as the landscapes have not changed that much. Besides there are lots of things to see, like the Niagara Falls, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore and Carhenge. Certainly, there are also lots of idyllic towns, old villages, museums and classic diners which makes the trip even more iconic.

The Road to Nowhere

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If you are looking for something more unconventional but still American at heart, you ought to check out the Road to Nowhere. It used to be the only paved road that went from north to south. The route doesn’t go through the most touristy places, but it still crosses the most visually pleasing landscapes.

You can see some old farms and communities that can even date back to the last days of the wild west. These are really the places off the beaten track, plus the route marks the divide between the eastern side of the country and western arid landscapes and lets you experience the best of those worlds.

Overall, there are plenty of routes to take that have been already mapped out or you can choose the locations you want to visit and make your way through them. Also make sure to prepare properly for the trip, get all supplies and think about the places to spend the night. Be realistic and don’t chunk up driving into long stretches as it can be quite tiresome. Most importantly, be flexible, that is the best part of road trips.