Why You Should See a Credit Counsellor

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We’ve all been there – one moment we are financially stable with ample income and the next moment a catastrophe occurs and we find ourselves in a financial crisis. A crisis like this can be very stressful especially in today’s trying times, where the economy is already suffering. Thus, managing your finances becomes a crucial aspect of your life. The problem is, though, many of us lack practical knowledge as well as the expertise to manage money, pay debts properly and also maintain a healthy credit card score. This is where credit counsellors come in. 

Credit counseling services educate one in the details of finance, helps them work out their expenditure and income, gives them resources and knowledge to manage debt payment, and lastly helps you manage lenders and also helps improve credit score. While many companies shy away from working with government taxes, there are a few like YorkCreditServices which can even help you deviate from paying large income taxes as well as their fines if they are overdue. Not only this, but credit counselors can offer, at the client’s will, several plans that figure out a way of managing debt at a measly fee. 

This doesn’t end here – credit counseling services can do way more. In this article, we’ll explain in brief how seeking the help of these counsellors can be beneficial for you and resolve your vital money problems. 

Reasons to see a credit counsellor

Along with the reasons stated earlier, there are many more reasons why you should see a credit counselor as soon as you can – 

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It’s (mostly) free.

There are many credit counselors out there that work on a non-profit basis. Their mission is nothing but educating the general public to be economically efficient and helping them have less expenditure allowing for more income for their savings. These credit counselling services offer seminars, workshops, and solo consultations offering you advice for necessary things such as your credit management as well as your debt management needs. 

Not only that, but many services that don’t work on a non-profit basis also have free consultations that you can avail of. These consultations give you fundamental advice on finance management and provide options to waive off a majority of your debt and assistance in paying it if you wish to continue. If, after the free consultation, you don’t think you require immediate support from a credit counselling service, you are free to opt-out. However, we recommend that you at least get the first consultation if you haven’t already to get free and good advice from experts. 

You are facing a financial crisis. 

When emergencies like car accidents, weddings, repairs, etc. happen, one often finds himself in a financial hole. These sudden emergencies can leave an immediate dent in your bank account, which if you are already in debt, will have severe effects concluding in a financial crisis. To avoid yourself from getting bankrupt, you can seek the assistance of credit counsellors. 

They offer a detailed layout and plan on how you can easily get yourself out from a financial crisis, discuss with your creditors about your debt and ways to reduce it, and also layout various repayment plans and options to ensure your dilemma is solved as quickly as possible. Credit counseling services also guide and advise you on how to start saving properly to make sure you don’t become entirely helpless the next time a financial crisis happens. 

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They make managing debts easier. 

Credit counselling services are known to offer plans that can easily structurize your debts and control them. These plans are for those who have too many debts from several creditors. The plan accomplishes a relationship between the money lenders and the credit counseling agency to streamline all the payments you have of your debt. Whatever payments you do, rather than doing them to every single money lender you know, you can choose to do them all together to the counseling service which then does the job in your place.

Not only this layout reduces the interest rate you are required to pay but also gets rid of the hassle and stress of paying debt by yourself. Now that the service is handling your debts, you aren’t required to call every single creditor, visit them, and make it a monthly trouble that you aren’t willing to get yourself into. 

They repair and rebuild your credit. 

People in debt often have low credit scores, because they use their credit cards for making payments for their expenditure on necessities. This low credit score can drastically decrease your options for debt payment since many creditors often choose to stay away from individuals with low credit scores. This can also leave you financially unsafe with interest rates that aren’t reduced. However, credit counsellors can take care of that for you.

They rebuild your credit from scratch, advise you on credit score-friendly behavior, provide assistance in marginally and gradually increasing the score and also advise you how to maintain it. This opens up an arsenal of options that can provide immense support to clearing the slate of your debts. One of the more attractive things about the service is that you can use credit to implement the layout for managing your debts, attract more creditors that lend you money and also reduce the rate of the regular installments you pay, which brings us to…

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They reduce your debt. 

Credit counselors not only give you options to help you pay off your debts but also ensure that you pay less. They talk with your creditors, and whoever you have a debt with, and try to lower this debt along with a reduced interest rate to pay it off. There are many examples of how people availed credit counseling services and got their debt reduced to as much as 1/8th the original amount.

Credit counselors are well aware that everyone can’t pay off large amounts of debt and thus always work out a solution that mutually benefits the client as well as the creditor. If needed, they can also increase the duration of your payment plans so you can pay less interest every month at the cost of an increased duration of time. 


Credit counselors aren’t magicians- they won’t erase all your debt in a single stroke. They will, however, help you figure out what to do and discuss with your creditors to help you reduce your debts considerably. At the end of the day, credit counselors only aim to help you financially and ensure their clients are debt-free and happy. If you found this article helpful do consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.