Average Cost of a Furnace Blower Motor

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A furnace blower motor is a vital part of your furnace system. The component forces the heated or cooled air through the vents into the house to meet your desired temperature for comfortable living.

So, in case it gets damaged, you need to repair it or replace it. Repairing is not the best option for the long run as the blower motor will keep disturbing you, costing you more in the long run. Click here to learn how to check if your furnace blower motor is damaged from the pros at Anderson Air.

The best choice is to replace the faulty blower motor with a new one. So, you may be wondering, “how much is a blower motor for a furnace?”.

Brand new furnace blower motors cost about $100 to $2,000. But of course, its price varies according to the type, size, and brand of the furnace blower motor.

What Is A Blower Motor?

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A furnace blower motor is one of the parts (components) in the furnace system responsible for blowing air out of the vents in your home. The blower motor blows hot air through your furnace ductwork, circulating it through all rooms in your house, ensuring that all room temperature meets the set temperature in the thermostat.

Types of blower motors

Furnace blower motors come in three types:

  • The single-speed furnace blower motor

Is the least efficient blower motor. It has one stage of heating outputs.

  • The two-stage (multi-speed) furnace blower motor

Although both (single and two-stage blower motors) blow air at full capacity when running, the two-stage is more efficient than the single-speed blower motor. It disperses the heated air more efficiently throughout your house (your house warms up faster).

  • The variable speed furnace blower motor

This is the most efficient furnace blower motor. It operates more silently at both lower and higher speeds. And because of this, there is more smooth airflow and a better balance between humidity and temperature. With a variable furnace blower motor, you can set your thermostat at different temperatures for different locations of the premises, increasing energy efficiency.

Cost: the variable speed furnace blower motor costs more than its counterparts.

What Influences the Price of a Furnace Blower Motor?

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So, how much is a blower motor for a furnace? Well, the blower motor for furnace cost varies according to the following factors:

1. Motor performance

Single-speed furnace blower motors cost about $100 to $325. The multi-speed blower motors cost about $ 190 to $600, while the very efficient variable-speed furnace blower motors cost about $500 to above $1,000.

2. Furnace blower motor brand

When it comes to the cost of a blower motor for furnace units, it also depends on the brand you buy. Every brand offers a selection of various sizes and specifications at certain prices.

You pay for the more popular brands like Trane, York, Carrier, and Lennox than for other little-known generic or universal furnace blower motors that have the same performance efficiencies and capabilities.

Below is a range of the prices for some popular blower motor brands

Brand Cost (USD/$)
Goodman $75 to $800
Rheem $250 to $900
Lennox $150 to $1,500
Trane $175 to $1,500
Carrier $100 to $1,600
York $150 to $1,800


Note: It is advisable to buy a furnace blower motor that is the same brand as your current furnace system for compatibility purposes.

3. Motor size

The size and the cost of your furnace blower motor are directly proportional. You will pay more for a blower motor that has a bigger horsepower.
Blower motors come in different sizes, ranging from 1/6 horsepower to 1 horsepower.

  • ¼ horsepower costs about $100 – $550
  • ⅓ horsepower costs about $100 – $800
  • ½ horsepower costs about $120 – $1,000
  • ¾ horsepower costs about $175 – $1,500
  • 1 horsepower costs about $250 – $2,000

4. Heating stages

Single-stage furnaces have single-speed or multi-speed motors, which means they are the most affordable. On the other hand, two-stage furnaces have multi-speed or variable-speed motors, making them more expensive.

And the variable speed capacity furnaces have variable speed blower motors, which makes them the most expensive.

5. PSC or ECM motors

ECM (Electrically commutated motors) are commonly used by variable capacity and most two-stage furnaces. They cost more because they are quieter and energy-efficient.

On the other hand, PSC (permanent split capacitor) motors that are usually found in single-speed or multi-speed motors cost less (are more affordable) because they are less efficient.

6. Use of furnace

Home-owned blowers cost less than commercial furnaces. A homeowner will spend less buying a new furnace blower motor, while a commercial building owner will spend more.

7. Cost of installation

In case of installation or furnace blower motor replacement, you need to hire the services of a qualified or professional HVAC technician. Different technicians charge varying rates. So, you need to have a cost estimate from various prospective HVAC technicians before choosing one that is cost-efficient or more affordable.

Most technicians charge an hourly fee from $75 to $150. And as with most HVAC companies, the labor costs will increase or double in the evenings, on public holidays, on weekends, and during other non-business hours.

The best thing to do is to hire a technician who has a long-standing relationship with you and routinely maintains your system. He will subsidize his rates for you.

How Long Does A Brand New Furnace Blower Motor Last?

A new furnace blower motor‘s lifespan is the same as its furnace. The average life of a furnace is 10 to 20 years. As long as you properly maintain your face and all its components, your blower motor will last longer.

Note: When installing a new furnace blower motor in your home, ensure that the motor’s capacitor matches the older model. You can then insert the fan motor shaft into the blower wheel and arrange the motor along with the housing. Now you can reinstall any parts you previously removed.


To answer, “How much is a blower motor for a furnace?” $100 to $2,000. Furnace blower motors are affordable for all types of people. There are universal models and popular brands. Then there are the home types and the commercial ones. All you need to do is select the best fit for you regarding heating needs (size of the house) and cost.

Above all, always consult an HVAC technician to get everything right: buying the suitable furnace blower motor and installation.