The Average Cost of a Commercial Exhaust Hood Cleaning in 2024

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Although often overlooked by a lot of restaurant owners, cleaning the exhaust hood in the kitchens is one of the most crucial steps in keeping the entire place sanitized, tidy, and free of pests. Additionally, keeping the entire establishment tidy is one of the requirements that are needed in order to keep your doors open.

However, if you’re a relatively new restaurant owner or manager, you are probably be wondering – what is the common price of hiring a firm to take care of the exhaust hood? Well, it’ll rely on various factors, and those factors are exactly what we’ll discuss today. Let’s take a look:

The Factors That Can Influence The Overall Cost

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  1. Your Location

One of the first factors that can influence the overall cost of washing your exhaust hood is your location. Depending on your geographical location, the expenses you have will vary. After all, it does not cost the same to clean a hood in a large city such as New York and a small one in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

  1. The Height of Your Building

When your restaurant is located in a multi-story structure, the price most commonly gets higher. And, in such situations, the entire system requires more and extended ducts to function. Hence, a worker will also take into account the entire footage that has to be worked on – and the more there is, the more you’ll be required to pay.

  1. The Parts That Must Be Washed

The company you choose to hire must clean all parts that can be accessed including all the filters, ventilators, and ducts. Additionally, if there is any wastewater, they’ll have to correctly dispose of it without obstructing the entire system. This is why you must ensure that they’ll take care of everything. Also, if they determine that some parts need changing, it’ll add up to the overall expense.

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  1. The Extension of The System

The larger the entire hood is, the more costly it’ll be to wash it. Large systems will also take more time to be clean, and if you wish to speed up the entire process, you’ll have to hire extra crew members. Lastly, the building might have several systems, which will also raise the expense you’ll pay in the end.

  1. Protecting Sheets And Covers

They’ll have to protect all important parts, including the devices, surfaces, plates, and so on with plastic covers. This is an expense that will be covered in your overall price estimate, although you can avoid it by purchasing and setting them by yourself.

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  1. They’ll Need Liquid

Most companies will require water in order to complete the entire process. Now, if you don’t wish to allow them to utilize the water, they will be required to have the water transported to the establishment, which is something that can be quite expensive. Hence, you’ll want to allow them to utilize your supply since it will decrease the expenses you’ll have.

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  1. The Purpose of The Hood

Similar to your geographical location, one of the factors that could also influence the expenses you’ll have is what you utilize the hood for. It is not the same to wash a hood that is used in fast-food establishments where they serve oily and greasy food and washing ones that are located in fine dining restaurants. Keep in mind, if you do serve oily food, you’ll have to maintain it more often.

  1. The State of The Device

Naturally, it would be more affordable to work on a hood that was regularly maintained. However, if it was ignored for months or even years, you should be prepared to pay more. Additionally, if you got a notice from the Health Department in the last few months, it’ll surely raise the cost of the entire process.

  1. A Recurring Service Might Be Best

Keep in mind, a one-time service will cost you more. Instead, you might want to check with the provider and see if they offer contracts. If so, you’ll be able to save a lot of money over a period of time, and by hiring someone for a recurring service, they’ll know exactly when your hood might need cleaning, meaning that you won’t have to worry about this maintenance task.

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  1. You’ll Want to Have The Documents

A trustworthy and reputable maintenance organization will give you a comprehensive document after each appointment. They should incorporate the interval, date, and before/after pictures of the system. You’ll want to have such a report, especially if you are expecting a Health Department visit in the future.

What to Consider When Looking For a Company

Before we conclude this article, it is worth mentioning some things that you need to consider before choosing a cleaning company. For starters, you’ll want to ensure that they are reputable, trustworthy, and experienced. How can you do this? Well, start with all the reviews posted on their official website, but, ensure that you read the ones posted on independent sites as well.

Additionally, you should make a list of potential candidates and then narrow it down by comparing the prices and services you can get. All of this will ensure that you not only choose the most suitable option for your restaurant but, it will also ensure that you get the best service for the price you’ll be paying. Keep in mind, you’ll want to ask them about whether or not they offer a long-term contract since it will surely lower your expenses.

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Cleaning the exhaust hood in your restaurant will depend on the aforementioned factors. However, by knowing about some things that you could do by yourself such as setting the plastic covers or allowing the workers to utilize your water supply, you’ll be able to lower the initial expenses you’ll have.

Hence, now that you know what can easily cause the price to go up, you may not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you might want to open up your Internet browser and start searching for an exhaust hood cleaning business that will suit your needs, and more importantly, your budget.