11 Cool Gadgets You Should Add to Your Jeep Wrangler in 2024

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Wrangler is one of the most popular brands from brand Jeep, and there is a large community of enthusiasts who are attracted to this vehicle. The main advantage is that this SUV has a modern design perfect for urban places, while there is a powerful engine under the hood, which makes it perfect for some off-road adventures. Another reason why so many people love this car is because of its unique shape and the ability to customize it in various ways.

Car tuning is a popular hobby, but not all vehicles are compatible with upgrades like this model. A lot of people would choose to replace some parts or improve the appearance of the vehicle with a new paint job or adding a spoiler from Mopar Genuine Parts. However, some simple solutions could improve your experience while driving the Wrangler, such as the various devices. Here are some of the most popular car gadgets that can install in the Jeep Wrangler.

1. Hand Sanitizer

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It might sound odd, but you have to be aware of the importance of taking care of your hygiene, especially these days when the whole world is still struggling with the pandemic. There is an excellent product that you can place in the cup holder and be sure to always have clean hands. That is especially important when you are driving other people in your vehicle. On the other hand, you will always have a sanitizer when going to some off-road driving.

2. Cast Display

This option is much more convenient than choosing a standard phone holder. It can cast the information on your windshield and help you to stay focused on the road. You can watch GPS maps and receive notifications and calls as well. This is an excellent solution for the older models of Wrangler, especially those without the board PC and large display for maps.

3. Car Charger with Alexa

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The popular device introduced by Amazon is widely popular since it represents a great assistance in modern homes. Also, there is a modern car charger with this feature as well, and it is an excellent way to make phone calls, change music, find maps, and much other information while keeping both of your hands on the steering wheel. Besides that, there are two USB ports for charging.

4. Coffee Maker

There are some interesting gadgets available on the market these days when producers are using advanced technology to come up with some great ideas. The mini espresso machine that you can connect with the cigarette lighter is one of the most interesting devices on this list. That will be especially attractive to people who often go on camping with their Wranglers. This device is capable of making a high-quality espresso in less than two minutes.

5. Breathalyzer

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It is crucial to never sit in your vehicle after drinking a beer or a couple of shots. Drunk driving is the main reason for so many car accidents, and the penalties are way too high for anyone to risk. In that matter, buying a Breathalyzer
is a great option that can help you to determine the levels of alcohol in your blood, and to know whether you should call a cab or a safe driver or not.

6. Mirror Dash Camera

When it comes to new models of luxurious vehicles, they already have modern features related to digital technology that can help the driver to be safer and more comfortable. On the other side, the installment of cameras and many other devices can be quite expensive, but there is a great alternative, such as the Mirror Dash Camera made by YI. Some of the best features are a touchscreen and a wide-angle camera.

7. Mini Bar and Cooler

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One of the main advantages of Wrangler is that you have a lot of space in the trunk and back seats. Therefore, the installation of a cooler and a minibar is a simple process. Also, there is a great selection of these devices that are compatible with this model of vehicle. People who love camping will find this device quite convenient since they could bring food and beverages that can be fresh and cold all the time.

8. Back Seat Organizer

This is a perfect gadget for those who are traveling in groups. People in the back won’t get bored when they can place a tablet or a smartphone on the seat, and have a bottle of water in front of them, along with other pockets for various things. That can be especially beneficial for people with kids since this might keep them engaged during some longer trips.

9. Bluetooth Receiver

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When it comes to older models of Wrangler, they don’t have a Bluetooth connection available. Modern devices that you can install often cost a lot of money. Therefore, buying this device that costs less than $20 is a perfect solution to connect your smartphone with the speakers. The main advantage is that it is very easy to use it.

10. LED Screen

You can find all sorts of LED screens for any type of vehicle. Therefore, you can choose from many sizes and brands. The same is with the price range. The great thing about this device is that you can connect it with your smartphone and use it to read notifications, receive phone calls, watch GPS maps, and many other features.

11. Sound Bars

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Formant drivers, a proper stereo system is very important since that can allow them to enjoy more while driving. There are many brands that you can select. For example, the Rockford Fosgate is an excellent model that represents an affordable option but still offers a high-quality sound with 90watts of power. If you are looking for a more powerful option, you should check Polk Audio that has 300watts of power. Another great speaker is Mopar that has a clear bass and 150 watts. For more information about car speakers available for Jeep Wrangler you can visit the following website https://jeepequipment.com/speakers-for-jeep-wrangler-sound-bar/