Construction Manager Job Description and Duties – 2024 Guide

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In the construction industry, there are so many different jobs and job titles, each requiring its own area of expertise, background, and education levels. If you’re looking for a job as a Construction Manager, make sure you’re applying for the correct positions that are asking for the responsibilities you have a background and knowledge in.

Let’s break down exactly what a Construction Manager is, what the job entails and the key words you need to look for in a construction project manager job description to make sure you meet the right criteria and that it’s the right job you should be applying for.

If you’re looking for tips on actually managing a construction project successfully, read this.

What is a construction project manager?

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A construction project manager could also be referred to as a “Site manager” and is responsible for overseeing the entirety of the construction site. The construction manager is in charge of ensuring that the project is progressing safely and everyone on the site is not put into any risk or danger.

The project manager is also tasked with ensuring the project moves on time and stays on deadlines and on budget. Brought on to the project relatively early on, the project manager plays a role in selecting and hiring the architect and construction before the actual construction begins. They help set the tone for the project and ultimately keep the job organized and progressing as smooth as possible.

Types of Construction sites

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  • Agricultural: focusing on projects that include water supplies, drains, barns, and specialised fencing.
  • Residential: anytime of housing or condominium work.
  • Commercial: construction projects related to businesses and retails stores. Includes office spaces and typical work environments.
  • Government: managing government projects or other public organisations. Like schools, libraries, recreational centres and community centres or political buildings.
  • Industrial: These are buildings constructed with the purpose of providing storage and product production. Power plants, manufacturing plants and oil refineries are incorporated in this
  • Heavy Civil: Projects that include construction managers overseeing roads, bridges, tunnels and airport projects.

Educational requirements

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Most Construction Manager roles will require some sort of Bachelor’s degree or certification but can also require management techniques that are learned on the job. Many colleges offer programs for construction management. These programs can help teach you the necessary knowledge of mathematics and engineering needed for the role.

If you’re already working for a construction company but don’t have the necessary qualifications to become a Construction Manager, know that some companies offer training courses for their staff that can kick start their journey to acquire that qualification later down the road. Essentially these programs allow employees to start gaining the knowledge required to advance towards the goal of Construction Manager.

How much can a Construction Manager make?

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The average salary for a construction manager is around $95,000 and many managers make well over $100,000 a year.

As with any industry the more years you have under the belt the higher the likelihood your salary will be.

Construction is a rapidly growing industry meaning that the role of construction manager will be growing in demand. Making you a valuable and coveted addition to any construction project.

Construction project manager job description

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A typical construction project manager job description will require applicants to demonstrate they are proficient in problem-solving, have a background and working knowledge of mathematics and possible IT skills. You need to be somewhat computer savvy in order to use multiple different construction software programs. Construction projects can change at a rapid pace and a construction manager needs to be someone who is able to keep all files and documents updated accordingly and the quickest way to do so is through the use of project software programs.

You should also be able to demonstrate a history or organizations, you can do this by showing a track record of completing jobs on time. This also helps to show a history of being reliable which is always a bonus.

Interpersonal skills will also be a common requirement for the role as the project manager is going to be responsible with managing an entire team, and keeping up communications with everybody involved in the project process so no one is left out of the loop and everyone understands their individual responsibilities.

What is a construction office manager’s job description?

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A construction office manager role is different from that of a construction project manager. The office manager takes on a more administrative role as opposed to overseeing the physical project site. Typically the office manager helps process invoices and stock office supplies, recruit new employees, maintain databases and expense data. Although they work primarily beyond the scenes in terms of construction work the office manager does play a major role in ensuring the company is operating as smoothly as possible with no banking or legality issues.

A construction office manager’s job description is going to require a background in administration, a knowledge of finances, an ability to multi-task and have a great attention to detail.

Other requirements can include the ability to meet deadlines. When running a project construction site, the client obviously wants the project to be done in a timely manner, but as an office manager, it is even more crucial because invoices, and payment methods depend on being submitted on time.

A construction project manager is not the same as a construction contractor so make sure you read the details of every job posting to make sure it is the correct job for you and your work history.

Every role on a construction site has a different title and sometimes the job titles may sound similar but mean wildly different roles. Each job requires a specific type of skills set and education requirement. The skills needed to become a Construction Manager aren’t always easy to prove on paper so make sure you are able to prove your track record through your previous work performances.