How To Have a Successful Condo Kitchen Renovation

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Remodelling of your condo kitchen allows you to tailor your space as per your liking. It gives you an enhanced layout and better placement of kitchen equipment. You will also get a good return on investment once you sell your space. But renovating a condominium without any unexpected hassle needs good organization skills.

There are certain things the building owners must consider before they do a condo kitchen renovation. The first thing to look at is the season and climate. Since your kitchen is indoors, you can do this at any time of the year. However, the perfect time is during late spring and early summer.

Tips for Successful Remodelling of a Condo Kitchen

Whether you want a minor or major facelift in your kitchen, these useful condo kitchen renovation ideas will help you to have a successful kitchen upgrade:

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  1. Be Familiar with Building Renovation Rules

Before starting, it is essential to be aware of the rules of condo kitchen renovations. Most condos have a board that sets the regulations for changing the building or aspects of living known as Homeowner Association – HOA.

In a few cases, you will require permission and written approval from the board. Also, remember that the process of remodelling a condo kitchen is much slower than renovating your home kitchen.

  1. Determine What Your Kitchen Needs

Find out the reason for deciding on a kitchen upgrade. Do you want to boost the re-resale value of your condo? Do you plan to remodel just cosmetic aspects? Are you looking to add more room to the kitchen? Answering these questions will help you a lot in deciding which should be a priority.

If your priority is doing a cosmetic makeover in your condo kitchen, simply focus on upgrading furniture or appliances that are easy to move so that they can be shifted easily to another location. On the other hand, consider kitchen tile, flooring, and cabinets, or add new paint to the walls if you plan to boost the condo resale value.

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  1. Choose the Best Remodelling Plan

Condos are small as compared to homes. Therefore, when it comes to kitchen remodelling, you must consider the best condo kitchen renovation plan that helps to maximize the space. If you want to conduct a huge facelift, it is essential to know which walls and other elements can be opened up, shifted or red-shifted. It might need the help of a professional or board.

Moreover, if electrical wiring creates hassle during the kitchen upgrade process, you might require professional help. He/she will allow you to re-route the wiring outside of the unit or via the ceiling.

  1. Know Your Limitations

It is essential to be aware of your project limitations before you fall in love with an idea. Also, be realistic about the condominium kitchen design plan. A small condo kitchen sometimes includes intrusive columns or odd-angled walls. They cannot be shifted structurally.

Taking a consultation from an expert consultant can help you with condo kitchen renovations. He/she will let you know which elements need to be opened or eliminated and which ones to avoid.

  1. Consider the Best Remodel Ideas

For successful condo kitchen remodelling, you must also consider the following ideas:

  • Replace Cabinet Handles

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One of the excellent ways to offer your kitchen a full makeover is to change your cabinetry. It is something that consumes plenty of space. However, it will help you to alter the feel and appearance of your condo kitchen completely.

However, if your budget does not allow a complete kitchen remodel, replacing the old cabinet handles with new stainless-steel handles is a good idea. It will give your dining area a refreshed appearance.

  • Choose Quartz Countertops

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Move away from granite countertops and opt for those made of quartz. It is one of the excellent condo kitchen renovation ideas for 2024. Caesarstone Quartz countertops have risen in popularity over the last few years. These kitchen counters are made using a special combination of more than 90% quartz with a binder of polymers or resins.

Quartz countertops have a smooth, shiny surface and now come in many appealing patterns to help you tailor your kitchen. Also, these countertops will virtually stay for many years with proper care. The biggest benefit is that quartz countertops do not require sealing because they are porous.

  • Install Space-Saving Appliances

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The limited space of your condo kitchen can’t stop you from enjoying modern technology. Just take into the amount of space you have and then install space-saving appliances in your condominium kitchen.

You can choose appliances made of stainless steel from famous brands such as Bosch, LG, Whirlpool, etc. For an additional “wow factor”, adding a gorgeous stainless steel range hood and 24-inch-wide refrigerator is also a good idea. As per Remodelista, most slim fridges provide 9 – 13 cubic foot storage capacity.

  • Lower the Lightning

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The majority of condominiums come equipped with cement lights. It will reduce the chances of drilling for adding extra fixtures. The best way is to add dropped ceiling panels over your condo kitchen. It will help you install any new overhead element easily.

It is also beneficial if you plan to add new light or perform other changes associated with the ceiling (such as using a new hood fan or re-routing ventilation). You will need a 6 – 12“ drop, depending on the lighting fixture.

  • Upgrade Your Backsplash

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Upgrading the kitchen backsplash is another great way to spice up your space. Consider natural and handmade backsplash tiles with excellent textures and shapes if you are looking for an alternative to classic subway tiles.

  • Take the Help of a Reputed Third-Party

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It’s a good idea to take the help of a third party if you are a part of a condominium association. It will make the plan details functional and allow the condo kitchen remodelling project to operate smoothly. Make sure you stay somewhere else temporarily during the remodelling of your condo kitchen.

Wrapping Up:

Living in a small condominium can be tough. However, strong planning could go a long way towards accomplishing the condo kitchen of your dreams. Consider the condo kitchen remodel tips mentioned above to smooth out the whole renovation project easily.