7 Most Competitive Video Games To Play With Your Friends In 2024

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A competitor is hiding in each of us. We all like to test our strength, compare ourselves with others, and in the end – hang out with friends, and have fun. 2024 and the time of the coronavirus pandemic have somewhat limited us in that.

However, for all those who love sports, socializing, and have a competitive spirit – multiplayer games are a great solution. What are the most interesting and most competitive games in which we can compete with our friends? Here are some answers.

MP Games: Fill Your Time And Hang Out With Friends

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Unfortunately, 2024 did not start the best. The coronavirus prevailed and the pandemic became widespread. Because of this situation – people are forced to spend most of their time in their homes. Since even after a few months the situation is not ideal – people found another solution for hanging out together.

Multiplayer video games. Everyone started to miss sports, as well as spending time with their friends – so the home option remained the only solution. People began to cope in various ways to fill the time for the lack of regular activities – while having a good time and being in the company of friends.

Multiplayer games are great for playing together – or you can play against each other. It’s just important to kill time and you don’t get depressed. We will deal with this topic and recommend which of the multiplayer games is best for you and your friends.

How To Choose A Multiplayer Game?

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Sport is one of the things we miss the most. Weekends without football, Premier League, Spanish or Italian league – has become unthinkable. However, football is not the only subject of interest.

There are also basketball, various tennis tournaments, etc. Most team sports are limited due to the situation caused by the coronavirus. We replaced sports fields and recreation with living rooms and couches –  and balls and rackets were replaced by joysticks for playing on consoles and PCs. In the variety of games, each of us will choose what interests him most – and what we can play together with our friends.

These games can also be played online. Men will usually choose FIFA – but not everyone is always interested in football. Try to find a common solution and choose the best of multiplayer games.

Sports, Shooting, Adventure Games – The Choice Is Yours

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Due to the appearance of coronavirus in the world in 2024, rigorous measures have been introduced in many countries. Limitations of going out, canceling of sports events, and especially social distance – are quite big challenges for each of us. However, isolation doesn’t have to be that bad at all.

You can spend that time on a great game. The offer of titles is huge as well as boosters you can find on this website, and use them to improve your gaming skills In addition to choosing the category of MP games – you can also play them with your friends without any problems and unlimited. Without further hesitation, we will give you a suggestion for some of the best multiplayer games.

1. Counter-Strike

Although this game was launched a long time ago at the end of 2018 – this game has become everyone’s favorite. The Counter-Strike game has been breaking all the records since its appearance on the market. This shooter game has flooded the world – and is best when you play it with your friends. There are teams all over the world that are connected online regardless of time zone – and in this game, the players win great results. It is known that there are also world competitions in playing Counter-Strike where the prizes for the winners are more than tempting.

2. Final Fantasy 7

We have been waiting for this remake game for a long time. With the appearance of the first sony console some 20 years ago, this game also appeared, but 20 years later it arrives on the gaming market in a completely new edition – for consoles of the 4th generation. Compared to the original version from 20 years ago, the new content will appear in episodic formats. This game is played as a team and in real-time. Graphics and animation will delight you. A good game where you fight against corrupt corporations.

3. Doom Eternal

This game introduced a revolution in the genre of the shooting games in the 90s – and then it received its new edition. The famous Doom Slayer puts on his suit again and sets out to free the earth from the demons. This game has been significantly upgraded since its 2016 version. Now it is improved with a lot of new weapons and mods – which makes the players more agile. Doom Eternal is also full of phenomenal heavy metal tracks – which additionally add tension to the players. The story is based on Doom Slayer fighting with two demons –  controlled by other players. That means you’re playing against your friends. The winner is known only after all 5 rounds have been completed.

4. SpongeBob

Perfect relaxing game, because we can never get enough of SpongeBob. What is interesting about this multiplayer game is that it takes you as a theme from a movie. It is played as a team because every hero of the SpongeBob series has a role to play in this game. The whole game has a lot of comic scenes and the adventure itself is about the little heroes led by Sponge Bob heading to save their city of Bikini Bottom.

5. HearthStone

Let’s divert our attention from shooting and various adventures – and take a look at some good old card games. This can also be very interesting because you have more solutions and games available – and you never play alone. The situation can be very intense because the game throws you into a match against 7 other players.


We hope you find yourself in one of these games and that your time playing with friends will be fun and enjoyable. And who knows, if you start to play online games more seriously – you might even meet some new virtual friends. All in all, try to make the days you spend at home easier, at least in some way.