How to Get Edge Over the Competition in Rummy?


In this modern era, online rummy games have become extremely popular. People from all corners of India play this classic and exciting card game on their smartphones, desktops, laptops and even tablets.

But these days, many individuals have started playing this classic card game online, mainly due to the competitions and promotions. Through these types of competitions, people will not just win big rewards but also get to top the leaderboards.

The competitions on this real money card game run for a whole month. If you wish to get an edge over these competitions and top the leaderboards, the following steps will help you.

  • The Game Variants of the Rummy Game

When you wish to win the rummy tournaments and top the leaderboard, you must choose the correct rummy variant. Every rummy variant is not the same, and each takes a different amount of time to complete. The majority of the rummy cash game competitions are time bound.

This means you must choose the fastest format to play so that you can obtain your winning points quickly. This will also help you top the leaderboards more quickly than before.

  • Try to be Consistent


When it comes to the rummy game, you have to spend some time polishing your skills to win the competition. You have to be consistent and play the card during the promo days.

Doing so will boost your likelihood of winning and also help you start ranking higher on the leaderboard. When you keep winning the rummy contests, it will become easier for you to upgrade your skills.

Improving your skills will prepare you for bigger and better competitions in the coming future.

  • Become Aware of the Rules and Concepts

Understanding the different concepts associated with a real money rummy game is extremely important before you start participating in tournaments. One should always remember that every rummy tournament comes with its individual set of rules. Even the most advanced players need to meticulously go through the rules before starting the game.

The number of rounds, point calculation, match timings, seat allocation, and more vary from one tournament to another. When you are not aware of the terms and conditions, you will meet with unexpected surprises during the tournament. Having clarity of the rules will only increase your chances of winning.

  • 21 Cards and 13 Cards

Like all the other rummy variants, various game formats, such as 21 cards and 13 cards rummy, will also determine the skill of the players in a rummy competition. If you’re participating in the contest, you have to make sure the game format you play needs less time to complete.

The 13 cards rummy game is a simple game with quick gameplay compared to the 21 cards one. It’s because the 21 cards rummy game needs to make over 2 pure sets or sequences.

To win the competition, try to play games that will take less time to finish. Also, it will be an acceptable notion to avoid playing the 21 cards rummy game as it will save you plenty of time.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Opponents


Observing your opponents is one of the lesser-known ways of winning rummy tournaments. When you participate in a rummy tournaments, you will be playing against multiple players with individual skills. You will come across some highly-skilled as well as some not-so skilled players during the different rounds.

But remember that as you progress toward the end of the tournament, you will be facing players with more advanced skills. You should keenly observe all players on your table right from the beginning of the tournament. When you are well-aware of their moves, you will be able to form the right strategies to beat them.

  • Check the Discard Pile

The most crucial thing you need to do is to keep track of the discard pile. You need to see what cards have been discarded by your opponents and also by you. This will give you an idea of which cards are still left in the deck and which have already been used. Based on this information, you can make better decisions about which cards to discard and which ones to pick up from the draw pile.

  • Discard High Value Cards

High value cards are generally considered 10 and above. When you are dealt with high value cards, it is best to discard them as early as possible. If not, your opponent will eventually catch on and will start targeting you. The basic idea is to get rid of your high value cards before your opponent can target you. This strategy will give you an edge over the competition. Also, you may want to discard your low value cards as well. Low value cards are generally considered 2 and below.

  • Drop out to escape Penalty Points


If you are playing the game with jokers, you must be careful while discarding them. If you have got a bad hand and there is no chance of winning, then it is better to drop out rather than get penalized. The penalty for getting a joker in your hand is high, and it can ruin your chances of winning. The best thing here that can be done is to keep track of the joker that your opponents have used. This will help you to make an informed decision about when to drop out.

  • Bluff your Opponents

One of the best ways to get an edge over your opponents in rummy is by bluffing them. Bluffing means making your opponents think you have a better hand than you actually do. This can be done by counting high even when you have a weak hand or by folding early when you have a strong hand.

Parting Thoughts

Online rummy competitions are one of the best places to go head-to-head against some of the best rummy players. You will come across numerous variants and get to play the one according to your needs. Make sure to polish your skills before you take part in the competition.