7 Money-Saving Benefits of Commuting by Electric Skateboards

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People who have ridden skateboards at any point of their life, probably know how freeing this experience is. Not being limited to kids or young, the versatility of regular skateboards has been increasing ever since.

In this age of tech and mechanization, skateboards aren’t untouched either. Electric skateboards, an innovation that isn’t older than two decades, took the commuting world by surprise when they were first invented.

With their adjustable power and speed, built-in brakes, and lightweight electric skateboards, one doesn’t have to be a skateboarding champion to ride on them. E-skateboards are such a fun way to cut down on many of your traveling expenses, along with saving on other fronts.

What is an electric skateboard?

One can consider an e-skateboard similar to a conventional skateboard but with a motor, a rechargeable battery, and a brake system. Electric skateboards typically come with a wireless remote control system to control speed and direction while riding.

Img source: pexels.com

Which are the money-saving benefits of electric skateboards?

A good quality e-skateboard would mean an incredible investment over time. Manufacturers like meepoboard.com keep an inventory of high-quality electric skateboards to suit the specific needs of their buyers.

1. Low upfront cost.

The cost of an electric skateboard is negligible as compared to the cost of a car. When taking into account the average cost of buying a brand new car, buying an electric skateboard would only cost around twenty times cheaper. Even the best of e-skateboards will be more cost-effective than paying a hefty price for a car.

2. Reduced vehicle maintenance cost.

Using private vehicles like cars for daily commute isn’t uncommon to see on roads. With heavy machinery like a car, the lifetime maintenance costs are sky-high.

For each part the car is made up of, the maintenance protocols are different, and so is the cost associated with each one of them. An endless list of things like the car engine, battery, tires, inner fabric, engine oil, lubricant, etc., needs good maintenance from time to time. On average, the total annual cost of maintaining a new car is anywhere around $600.

To counteract the heavy prices that cars come with, electric skateboards are a cost-effective alternative. They do require timely maintenance but only a little money and effort go into it. Adjusting screws, bolts, checking battery life, cleaning the board, would only cost only a few bucks any day.

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3. Less medical expenses with a healthier body.

Most of the electric skateboards come with weight differences sensing systems. They allow the riders to accelerate or decelerate based on where the rider is stressing the weight of his body. These electric skateboards also turn right or left without any instability in the body balance.

Suffice to say that riding an electric skateboard requires the riders to be body-conscious. Skateboarding helps strengthen the muscle mass of the human body. This, when compared to sitting in a car cabin for long, definitely gains an upper hand.

While electric skateboarding, the body stays in alert mode all the time. One needs to avoid other vehicles, the turns, staying safe, and decision-making while riding. The overall mental and physical activity on a daily basis keeps bodies healthier and it becomes easier to cut down on the money spent on health issues.

4. Saves energy for a better environment.

To add to the upfront and maintenance cost of a private vehicle, the rising fuel prices are an ultimate burden on a homo economicus.  Not only this becomes expensive, but also the use of big private vehicles increases the carbon footprint.

Electric skateboards are an energy-efficient way of commuting from one place to another. There is no use of gasoline. The power used in electric skateboards is less, owing to its compact design. These cost-effective benefits make electric skateboards an attractive choice.

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5. Improved emotional health.

Riding e-skateboards every day to get to the workplace or to run errands naturally uplifts the mood. Perceiving the atmosphere, sounds of the city, and feeling the wind, is a lot better for mental health than sitting packed in vehicles.

During an electric skateboard ride, one discerns many more faces and a clearer view. The possibility of getting stuck in traffic is zero. Riding in a group is the one thing to do to enjoy the commute in its fullest sense. This increases the social connection with others.

While all the vigilance is an exercise for mental health, these skateboards relax the nervous system as well. Commuting this way can be a significant stress reliever. In turn, one can save on the drugs to relieve anxiety, stress, and depression, which are becoming alarmingly common these days.

6. Save on skateboard training.

Electric skateboards, as said before, need no special sports skills. Riding on them is as easy as riding any other vehicle. The fact that they require no physical pushing and stopping the board, makes them perfect even for beginners. At the same time, one can handily learn how to maintain body stance while riding, along with acceleration, turning, and brakes.

The electric system helps make the riding process more intuitive. This helps the e-skateboard riders do better on traditional boards, surfing, and snowboarding. If practiced consistently, one saves on special training classes for all these board sports.

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7. No need to buy a traditional skateboard.

Having an electric skateboard doesn’t mean they only have to be used with their battery on all the time. Their compact design and robust features are suitable to be used as conventional skateboards. This is like getting two deals in one. Apart, when their battery dies, one can still propel them forward.

The Bottom Line

From a monetary point of view, there is no reason why one shouldn’t buy electric skateboards. These unibody vehicles save people’s hard-earned money while giving them good health inside out. Not only do they save dimes, but they also do their part in decreasing the carbon footprint. So easy to ride and maintain, they are revolutionary in the commuting world.