Chic Paint Colors for a Statement Kitchen


Choosing kitchen colors is exciting and crucial work. As one of the most used spaces in the house, it’s a big commitment to choose the right color for the kitchen. Generally, people don’t remodel or repaint their kitchen very often like other spaces of their home. So, you must ensure you invest your effort in choosing the kitchen color.

Many parts of the kitchen will come together to form a cohesive palette. These parts include cabinets, walls, countertops, appliances, flooring, and backsplash tile. Here are some ideas that you can use for your kitchen using Berger Paints.

  • Palm Beach Sand Pink Confection

A combination of these two colors gives you a feel of cleanliness in your kitchen. Your kitchen will be segmented and neat. This color choice makes your kitchen remarkable to look at. The palm beach sand will give you a soothing kitchen environment, and the pink confection will enhance the brightness and make the combination more subtle.

  • Heart of Gold with Sugar Icing

This color combination is the perfect fit for you if you want a pristine look for your kitchen. The color combination for your Kitchen Wall Paint is a goal for classy looks. The colors will compliment the wooden elements of the kitchen. You can enjoy your delicious meal while enjoying the elegant pristine view of the kitchen. You better be ready for some answers if you plan to invite over some friends because they will ask you about the excellent choice of paint.

  • Milk Mustache and Nighttime Magic With Cookie Crisp


Make the perfect family kitchen with a great combination of three colors. Milk mustache, nighttime magic, and cookie crisp are the exotic choice for a family kitchen. The balance and harmony that these colors give to your kitchen are unparalleled. The color will give the kitchen woody and light shades which inspire some culinary magic.

  • Sweet Gardenia

With the simple single-colored shade, your kitchen will offer a signature minimalistic presence. The mellow shades are also suitable for reflecting the natural lights and making the kitchen brighter. The natural color will provide a simplistic yet beautiful essence to the kitchen.

  • Innocent Cream With Dusty Rose Tint

Kitchen ideas of clean lines are appealing and establish a disciplined household. Innocent cream for the kitchen wall and the dusty rose tint on the furniture will provide your room with simple yet modern decor.

  • Fragile Flower with Joyful Day

You can turn your kitchen into an interactive hub with the upbeat version of a classic kitchen wall color combination. With these two shades of color, you can make the kitchen a more vibrant place to hang out. Add some bar tools and call your friends over to show off this fabulous decor.

  • Cornflower Blue


If you enjoy seeing patterned tiles, then you can add them with this sweet, midwestern shade. These would look extra fun if you installed the tiles all the way up.

  • Opposite Shades

Colors that fall opposite each other in the color palates can be used to give an artistic view to your kitchen. Like you can use blue, orange or yellow, or something like black and white.

  • Sage Green

Sage green for all your cabinets and white color for the wall can create a montage.

  • Happy Yellow

A yellow color shade can enhance the light in your kitchen. Also, many people believe that snakes make people hungry. The color has a soothing presence that gives people a welcoming vibe and creates a happy mode instantly. The bright shade is an excellent choice for small spaces; you can also pair it with grayscale shades.

  • The All White


The white color for your kitchen gives you an energetic feel for starting your day. The clean and fresh all-white kitchen can amp up you the moment you step into it. You can add white countertops and backsplash for your kitchen to brighten up the room.

  • The popular Gray

Recently many people are inclined to use gray color for their kitchen walls. The color is generally categorized as too cold, but it can do wonders in the kitchen with the right shades. The most important thing about this color is that they beautifully pair with a wide range of colors, making it the best base color. Also, it can be used as a countertop and cabinet color. So if you want to give your kitchen a modern look, you must try the gray color.

  • Blue

Another exceptional color for your kitchen is blue. You can use different shades of blue to create a different mood for your kitchen. The lighter shades can be used to create a crisp, clean look recommended for walls, cabinets, and the ceiling.

The darker shades work great with a hint of a white or gray color. The dark shades give a stylish look, but to brighten up the room, you need to use some natural light color.

  • Spell Green

The different shades of green can be used for your kitchen. You can use it in pairs with other colors or individually. The mint and apple green shades can be paired nicely with white and wood accents. The shades can give the room a jolt of energy if used properly. You can also use the shades for cabinets, backsplash, ceiling, and even for flooring.

The light shades are suitable for reflecting lights and feel more comfortable in small spaces.

  • Dove Gray, Maple Gold with Mixed Metals


Suppose you want to give your kitchen a modern outlook with a natural back draw. Then you can use this color combination for your desired looks. Warm dove gray and gold-toned maple provide you with a natural texture that contrasts with a sleek subway tile backsplash. Also, you can enhance the aesthetic of the looks with deeply swirled marble countertops. Also, dual pendants with copper shades introduce another element to the mix.

Summing Up

Choosing kitchen color is a work where you need to be patient and try to picture what you can use on your precious wall. It can be cumbersome work in the beginning, but it is the effort that gives you a desirable design for your kitchen. Also, you can visit Berger paints for more attractive ideas.