College Football Betting


Football is the most popular sport in licensed Philippine sportsbooks. In addition to the NFL, College Football provides plenty of action. The sport is favored by many seasoned handicappers and has many devoted followers throughout the country.

The main games throughout the season will generate activity comparable to the professional game, while the College Football Playoff is one of the year’s most famous betting events.

Therefore, is it worthwhile to gamble on NCAAF? What information is necessary to get started? In this comprehensive guide to legal college football betting in the Philippines, we’ll address these questions.

Explained: College Football Betting

Football is a hugely popular betting sport, and much like the NFL’s professional levels, college football betting is constantly expanding in appeal. There may be hundreds of markets made available to bet on for each College Football game. Of course, the more prominent schools and conferences, like the Power 5 teams, attract more interest and hence have more accessible markets. Our primary focus at Pickswise is also on the Power 5 matchups. And any groups listed in the Top 25 from conferences other than the Big 5.

There are hundreds of college football games each week, so there isn’t enough time to thoroughly examine each game. As a result, by limiting the number of games, we can guarantee that our College Football betting previews are comprehensive.

NCAAF game lines explained


There are several college football games, from the regular-season opener to the national championship game. The legal sportsbook will provide odds and lines for all betting games. You may locate them by selecting the football or NCAAF tab in your preferred sportsbook. The game listing will show the odds for the three most popular wagers.

NCAAF Moneyline Betting

Select the side you feel will win the game. There will be unfavorable odds for the underdog. The magnitude of the numbers may sometimes suggest how close a bookmaker expects a contest to be.

Team Moneyline
Ohio State +115
Alabama -125

NCAAF spread betting

This strategy is popular among college football handicappers. Odds-makers establish a spread that your chosen team must cover. You may pick the favorite minus the points or the underdog plus the distance, which can vary from single to double digits in college football.

Team Spread
Notre Dame +5.5 (-110)
Clemson -5.5 (-110)

NCAAF totals betting

It is a wager on the number of points that will score. It is also called an “over/under.” Bookmakers provide a projected total for gamblers to consider. You may gamble on whether the total points exceed or fall short of that sum.


Bet Odds
Over 50 (-110)
Under 50 (-110)


The odds for college football games are released long before kickoff, allowing enough time for handicapping. When the season is in full stride, you may expect to see odds for the next week’s games shortly after the current week has concluded.

How to bet on college football


There are several college football betting options. Not only are there minor regulation variations between the NFL and the NCAA, but there are also more college games available for wagering. The three pregame wagers are significant volume drivers for NCAAF wagering, but they are not the only options for betting on college football. There are busy futures markets, props on individual games, and live to wager as the event unfolds. Reading reputable websites like will give you a clear idea about college football betting.

NCAAF futures betting

These are bets on the results of the future. The off-season is when odds for the most important markets are released for college football futures, which are pretty popular.

  • “National winner”
  • To get into the College Football Playoff. (CFP) Conference champions
  • Team victory totals throughout the regular season.
  • “Heisman Trophy victor”

Futures wagers need a long-term outlook since they will not know the result until after settling the bet. As with any other chance, market activity might affect the odds, but you can always search for the best costs.

NCAAF prop betting

You may locate props for college games by clicking on the game listings individually. Depending on the state, special teams may only have a few people on them.

  • Who will have the most running yards, Texas A&M or LSU?
  • Will there be a safe during the game?
  • Over or under 31.5 total points will be scored in the first half?

For comparative considerations, there are far more accessible props for NFL games than for college games. There will also be multiple-choice props, such as distance range bands and points per team, and the two-sided examples listed above.

College prop wagers are not offered in all states.

NCAAF live to bet

Live betting, often known as in-game betting, refers to wagers placed in real-time while the game is being played. On-field events will determine odds and wagering options. Examples include: “Will this drive results in a touchdown, field goal, turnover, or punt?”

  • What will Alabama’s passing yard total be in the second half, above or under 174.5?
  • Yes/no: Will overtime be necessary?

Live to wager on college football is one of how legal sports betting states differ. No one regulation applies to all states, so take the time to examine your region’s college football live betting laws.

League/team alliances


The leagues and teams of professional sports have begun to embrace marketing ties with sports betting providers. Each of the four main sports leagues — NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL — have arrangements with bookmakers, such as You can also enjoy the new online casino experience. Several individual teams also have contracts with a sportsbook.

This pattern has not yet reached college football. Legal sports betting is here to stay, and they will soon extend it to numerous other states. Partnerships between the sportsbook and various organizations and teams are expected to follow, but it’s uncertain how far college football and individual colleges will go.


Before placing wagers on NCAA football, there are a few things that every gambler should be aware of.

Consider avoiding high-profile contests with odds that might be boosted by public wagering. Many big matchups provide minimal value, given the abundance of college football wagering options.

You have had some success betting on the NFL does not guarantee that you will be a good NCAA football handicapper. Even though NCAA football is officially the same as professional football, there is substantially less parity.