Queen Naija Is Looking For Her Son, After Ex Chris Sails Was Arrested

Image source: GlitterMagazine

It looks like Chris Sails has had another run-in with the law. On Thursday, April 9th, he was taken into custody, this time on a charge of aggravated assault causing serious bodily harm. This comes after a string of his troubles with the law, assaulting his girlfriend in 2018 and impersonating a police officer to help promote a concert.

Singer Queen Naija, Sails’ ex-wife, took to her Instagram Story to ask for help in locating their 5-year old son CJ because she hasn’t been able to find him after her ex-husband was taken to Texas jail and held on $15K bond.

Image source: Instagram/TheShadeRoom
Image source: Instagram/TheShadeRoom

Queen Naija later was able to locate her son presumably with the social services and thanked everyone for their help.

Image source: Instagram/TheShadeRoom




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