Chris Corey – Infectious songs that spread like ‘Wildfire’


Born in North Bay, Ontario but currently residing in Vancouver B.C., Chris Corey has high hopes for the year as he releases his new EP Wildfire and music video for the song of the same name.

Already getting added to several Spotify playlists and garnering solid reviews online, his new single ‘Wildfire’ grooves as well as any synth-pop tune you might have heard. A lush blend of rock guitars and new wave production you’d think Chris Corey was the newest incarnation of Billy Idol or Duran Duran. In fact, that’s what exactly makes Corey’s new EP Wildfire so special: The fact that it doesn’t sound like anything else out there.

“This album is really a mixed bag of everything.” He said when asked about the direction of his newer material. “I really tried to pull from a variety of influences on the newer tunes, I didn’t want to hold back thinking something wasn’t possible.”

And it shows. Blending the best elements from pop, rock, folk, Britpop, blues, top 40, country, and 80’s new wave, Chris doesn’t hold back in showing his inspiration and influence. On songs like ‘Worried about you,’ you hear a bit of The Rolling Stones, a bit of Ed Sheeran, a bit of Bruce Springsteen and even a bit of 1960’s Motown. But then on the acoustic number ‘Feel my love’, Chris pulls it back a bit and we hear vibes reminiscent of City and Colour and even groups like Oasis or Blur.

Chris’ rhythmic approach to songwriting can also be traced back to his training as a drummer and his multi-instrumental approach to crafting songs. “I generally write the entire song in my head beforehand including all of the drum parts, guitar bits, melodies, and vocal lines before even going into the studio. Then when it comes time to produce the track I have a solid idea of how the end result will sound. Of course, there’s always room for experimentation though, which is the beauty of working on new songs in a studio environment.

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Equally comfortable behind a drum set or playing the guitar, Chris also lent his hand to most of the tunes on the album.  “It’s a strange thing really, to write a song from scratch sitting in your bedroom one day to seeing it come to life in a studio.”  And with 3 new songs out now and 3 more coming out the end of the year with another music video, Chris shows no plans of slowing down.

Both the EP Wildfire and single are available on Spotify and Apple Music and the music video for ‘Wildfire’ can be viewed on YouTube. Learn more about Chris Corey at –