8 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Engagement Ring 

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Ever since the engagement ring became a symbol of love and commitment, couples have been looking for ways to make it their own. For some people, that means going with an antique heirloom or selecting one made from ethically sourced materials. Others might want to find a diamond supplier who will work with them on sizing and budgeting options. Whatever your personal preference may be, there are lots of things you should consider before making this purchase!

Img source: pexels.com
  1. Know your budget: When it comes to diamonds, you get what you pay for. While there are other things that can be done with your ring, like engraving and precious metal adornments, a good quality diamond is going to make up the majority of its cost. If your budget is tight or if this will be an expensive purchase in general (like when purchasing more than one engagement ring), consider using alternative stones such as sapphires or rubies.
  2. Check alternatives to diamond: Diamonds are one of the most popular engagement ring choices, but they’re not for everyone. If you have a family heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation or stones in your fiancée’s birthstone and want to use those instead, finding an alternative is fairly easy. However, if this will be your first time purchasing diamonds (or jewellery), things can get complicated very quickly! To help you out, we recommend you to visit MoissaniteCo.com as it offers various engagement rings made of Moissanite, a beautiful and rare material that is extremely similar to a diamond.
  3. Get it insured: If you’re not looking for a family heirloom but instead simply would like to purchase an engagement ring, we recommend getting it properly insured in case of loss, theft or damage. This would help protect your investment throughout its lifetime and also cover any costs if anything were to happen so that you can get a new one without having to pay too much!

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  4. Do your research: If your budget is larger or you have more options available to you for an engagement ring, it’s important that both partners are involved in selecting the best option! Before going shopping with their loved one who will be wearing this piece of jewellery every day, some men choose to buy themselves a smaller version first and test out different things like stone colours and shapes before making final decisions on what style they’d prefer. This way, they’ll feel better about giving any input when choosing together as well.
  5. Consider the quality of the ring: It is necessary to know the difference between a lab-made diamond and one created in nature. Not only can they look very similar, but many jewellers are able to sell lab diamonds at prices that make them appear as though they have been mined from the earth! Since it’s hard for most people to tell without doing special testing, there is no way of knowing if your rock was naturally grown or manufactured in a laboratory. Eventually, the quality of the diamond will show in things like its durability and ability to shine. These things could be lost if it’s been created with a “simulated process.”
  6. Figure the number of gemstones in the setting: Think about whether you want to have a single gemstone or several stones in the ring. If you’re set on having a few gemstones, then it’s more important to look at things like size and clarity rather than colour because these things don’t vary as much from stone to stone (unless they are different colours, of course).You can have just one large diamond with several smaller ones around it, which creates a unique frame effect. Alternatively, you could go with three stones instead – this would create something that kinder resembles an anniversary band instead but still has all the meaning attached to it!

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  7. Ponder how long it will take to create: When considering what goes into making an engagement ring, don’t forget about things like the time frame. If your partner wants something fast-tracked or already has other plans, then looking at things like processing speed could be helpful in deciding which supplier is right for them!In addition, some suppliers might have special offers such as “same day” shipping, while others may require more than one business day before they even start working on their products. Finally, there are also things called production lead times – this is just a fancy way of saying how often the manufacturer creates new items and ships them out (and things like special effects and gemstones can affect this as well).
  8. Choose a style for the ring: You will find several different styles of engagement rings on the market. The first style is three stones, which includes one centre diamond surrounded by two smaller diamonds on each side and then a halo ring with several small stones surrounding the entire band. However, other choices exist, such as solitaire or cluster settings for your centre diamond and also vintage designs that are more ornate than others available.

Some other styling options that you can go for:

  • Vintage: Vintage engagement rings are a popular choice for those who want to add more character or history into their life. If you choose this style, check out the metal of these things: Vintage setting styles offer an extra level of detail that is not often seen in modern designs, such as split shank settings and pave-set diamond bands.
  • Classic: This is another style that is very similar to the solitaire engagement ring but offers a twist on things. The cluster setting often contains more than one diamond and might even have emeralds or other gems added into it. They make things unique and beautiful!
  • Modern: This thing is a bit different in that it features two diamond bands that are attached to one another. By setting them at an angle, the stones create more depth and interest than would be possible with only one ring. These things add elegance and beauty!
Img source: pexels.com


Whenever you are considering things to get for your engagement ring, make sure that the two of you have a conversation about what things would be most important. If this is something he wants to surprise you with, at least discuss some options so that if you choose one thing and later wish it had been another, there will not be any hard feelings!



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