5 Important Things When Choosing an International Shipping Company in 2024

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Shipping your belongings to another country is something that happens rarely in a person’s life, but when it does, you have to be ready for it. By being ready, we mean having contact with a reliable and previously-researched company. The thing is, there are tons of different choices nowadays and it may be slightly overwhelming to make the right choice. After all, every company advertises itself as the best one, so how can a person choose unless they’ve had previous experience with one of those in the past?

Also, what good is your experience if you make the wrong choice from the very start? Just like we mentioned above, this is something that happens only once in most people’s lives, so you really have to make your “shot” count.

This is why we decided to create this quick article guide to help all of you looking to find the most reliable international shipping company in 2024. It’s an important subject and we have a lot to talk about, so let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into the content.

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  1. Start with yourself, know what you’re moving

Some people move furniture, others move foods. Then, there’s those moving animals, or those moving an entire car collection to a completely different continent. The point we’re trying to make here is that everyone has a different need, and even if you aren’t very knowledgeable on this subject, you know that shipping companies operate differently based on your needs. The first question they’re going to ask you once you get in touch is “what are you trying to transfer?”

Answering this is important. Let them know about all the details before proceeding. Maybe they’ll have more suggestions, ones that you haven’t thought about. If you are transporting fragile things, they will probably have to prepare different types of containers. If you are transporting food, you need to let them know about it because different circumstances are used for food transporting. The list goes on.

  1. Research the company’s past on the internet

No matter what it is you’re planning to purchase nowadays, researching about it beforehand is the key for making the right investment. It’s just way too inefficient to not use the opportunities the internet provides us with. A few decades ago it was impossible to know about the experience of previous customers when it came to products, services or anything else really, but nowadays it’s an entirely different story.

Just Google the name of the company you’re considering and you’ll immediately get tons of results for it. This will in most cases be enough for you to make a judgement and decide whether it’s worth paying for their service or not. When you’re reading user reviews make sure to check third party sites, not the ones added on their main website. This is because most companies leave only the positive reviews on their website, deleting the negative ones.

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  1. Do you want different container shipping methods or no?

Container shipping is not very new, but it became popular in the past few years. Every container that the company has to offer allows for different circumstances. You should see what they have to offer and decide what the best option for your situation is. Usually, companies offer the option to pay more for a more “premium” service, guaranteeing that all of your items will arrive safely and untouched. If you are not in a rush then you can go with some of the cheaper container shipping options, if you want your items to arrive as soon as possible, maybe paying slightly more for the service is not such a bad idea.

Or, if you don’t want your items to be shipped in a container, you can consider other methods as well. International shipping offers many solutions but whether you’ll choose the best one or not is totally dependent on you.

  1. Ask for a quote before paying for the service

Budget is very important and when you need to pay for international shipping, it’s important to know the price so that it doesn’t catch you off guard. Knowing exactly how much it will cost you is crucial, so asking for a quote before paying for the service is amongst the first few steps you need to take, and we highly recommend it.

Going “blindly” just to be surprised and disappointed with the price tag later on is definitely a bad idea. If it’s more than what you expected, you won’t be able to cover other costs later on, and things will get complicated for no real reason. This is why most reputable shipping companies have a “Get a quote” button on their webpage.

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  1. Are their delivery deadlines matching with your goals?

How long does the company you’re considering take for a shipment to be complete? Obviously, this will also depend on your type of items and the country where you want them oved, but still, you need to know their average time. Knowing this information will help you plan out properly.

If their delivery ties do not match your goals, you have to find another option. Usually, this is either displayed on their website or discussed when you get in touch with them. Due to the Covid-19 situation, things may be slightly slower now, but it is what it is, and we shouldn’t try to “guess” this, which is why we recommend communicating openly with the company and asking them directly.


International Shipping Companies are needed now more than ever, but choosing the right one is not an easy task. Jluggage.com is a website where you can learn details about container shipping here, so if you never had a previous experience with this, we suggest you take a look here. Jluggage.com is one of the many examples of reputable and reliable companies, and they offer affordable prices for all of their services, making them the perfect choice for individuals and those who don’t have an “over the top” budget for the task.

We believe that spending enough time researching these companies is worth it before making the decision itself because it’s what’s going to decide whether you’ll have a nice customer experience or not. We hope we were useful and we wish you the best of luck with your choices in the future.