How to Choose the Perfect Dining Chairs


The dining room is often called the heart of the home because it’s where you share good food, good company, and great talks. That’s why picking out the perfect set of dining chairs is important for making a room that family and friends want to hang out in.

Of course, the term “perfect” here means a few different things. Comfort is important, but you also want your dining chairs to look good and add style to your home. Because all these things can be daunting, this article put together a basic guide on choosing and buying the right dining chairs to improve your home.

Measure Your Table and Dining Area

The first thing you should do is measure your table and the room. Getting the right measurements will help you determine how many chairs you need and how much space you have.

More people can fit around oval, oblong, or extending tables, but most square tables are big enough for four people. Yes, that’s also a good number for round tables. You can fit more people, though, since there are no sides.

It is very important to measure everything, especially the table’s height, the thickness of its top, and any skirting or apron it has. Please do not trust the height given on websites or labels; getting a measuring tape and being sure is better.

Give Allowance or Space For the Table and Chairs


Now that you have the measurements, here are some simple rules to follow:

The dining chair is about 18 to 20 inches across, though that changes if the chairs have arms.
Leave 6 inches of space between each chair when you figure out how many can fit around a table.
Ensure 36 inches of space between the chair and the wall or any other furniture in the dining room. This space will make it easy for people to push their chairs back.

When buying a set of four, six, eight, or even more, you should consider how many chairs you need or want for everyday life. Then, put that number ahead of what you want for parties or entertainment.

Choose the Right Style and Material

Some questions can help you figure out what style and look you want for your eating chairs:

Would you like something simple or more complicated?
How big is your room?
What do you want the look and feel to be like?

Simple wooden chairs with clean lines and open backs might work well in a room that you want to feel airy and light. This style would also look great in a smaller room.

Conversely, cushioned chairs might be better for sitting in for longer events if you want to use your dining room to hang out with friends or work.

Regarding materials, fabric, leather, and chrome or metal are the most common ones.

Chrome or metal: Modern, and they tend to be lighter, which is helpful if you need to store them.
Fabric: It’s cozy and lets you play with texture and print, but it might be hard to eliminate spots and other problems.
Leather: Simple, stylish pieces that last and are easy to clean.

Mix and Match


Don’t be afraid to mix things up for a more unique look. The table will hold your space together anyway, so begin with it and work your way out. One easy way to do this is to have a pair of match-end chairs. You can then use side chairs to make a strong look.

But you can also mix and match different sets of chairs to make the room feel more cozy and at home. Find a theme, whether it’s a color scheme, a chair height, or a picture.

Then, have fun with your choices by combining different materials and textures. For example, a strong wooden table with white chairs or a light table with softer chairs thanks to throws and cushions. This arrangement will make the space more fun and allow guests to choose where to sit.

Check Out Different Dining Chair Features

Some things can make your eating chairs stand out from the rest. Look for special touches like sculptural or carved legs and interesting details. Or even chairs with finishes that aren’t the same, like black leather with sleek copper legs.

For upholstered chairs, tufting and button features make them look more classic, while patterns add a stylish pop to the dining room. This feature is especially true if you want to style or modernize a solid, classic table.

If you want to try something different, use natural materials and elements like rattan or wicker to make the room feel summery, tropical, or even coastal, based on how the rest of the room is decorated. These chairs could also be used outside because they are flexible.

Always Go for Quality and Comfort


Lastly, which could be the most important step, always check the overall quality.

If you buy chairs in person, sit in them and gently do things that people do daily: lean back, shift your weight, etc. You could also do the same thing with your hands and slowly push it to see how it’s assembled. Looking at the legs, arms, or back, they shouldn’t move or give way.

Of course, if you prefer to shop for designer dining chairs online, you can still do so even if you cannot see the chairs in person. Always read all the reviews, but pay special attention to the ones that point out problems or issues that could happen with the chairs. Other people’s testimonies may help you better understand the real product and how it works.

Invest in Good Quality Dining Chairs

With all that said, you can never go wrong in choosing the perfect dining chairs to brighten up your space. You can achieve the theme you want for your dining area with creativity and good-quality chairs and furniture.