Girl With The Most Extreme Body Modifications in 2024

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Chiara had her first piercing when she was 11 years old with stretching her earlobes. The 18-year old says that body modification is her passion. So far she has 6 subcutaneous implants, 12 scarifications, 2 brandings, tattooed eyes, and multiple piercings and tattoos.

She says she is not doing it to attract attention but rather it’s a personal need for her. Chiara’s mom accepted her choice but pointed out that she worries that people will judge her daughter by her appearance. Fear of infections is also always present.

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Chiara and her boyfriend Michele say that people stare at them all the time and some even take sneaky photos. They met when she contacted Michele regarding piercing that perforated her septum from one side to the other. At the moment they are working on stretching her labia minora and putting implants on labia majora.