Chennai To Mumbai Flight: How To Beat Motion Sickness On Your Next Flight! 


Traveling on a Chennai to Mumbai flight may seem exciting. Especially if you are heading on vacation with friends and family, traveling via flight is a thrilling experience altogether. But it is inevitable for some of us to feel slightly giddy when traveling by plane. As we near high altitudes, it is possible to experience motion sickness. If you dread the idea of puking on a plane just as much as we do, this article is for you.

If you have already booked your cost-effective flight ticket, here’s what you need to know to have a safe and comfortable flying experience. We promise; these tips will save you from the embarrassment of puking on your next flight. So, read carefully!

1. Find Yourself A Comfortable Seat

Motion sickness may come in many forms. Feeling dizzy, having a tendency to vomit, or having balance issues are some of the most common symptoms of motion sickness. One of the major reasons you may feel so sick is not having a comfortable seat. If you are more comfortable with a window seat, you might not be very flexible with sitting in the middle.

Thus, request your co-passenger to exchange seats with you if you find the need for it. You can also book your own comfortable seat as per your preference beforehand, so you need not face any inconvenience later when you board the flight. So, go book your flight tickets with Cleartrip today to experience the luxury of comfort. Click here for more details on it.

2. Consume Ginger


Did you know that Ginger is an excellent way to combat motion sickness on flights? You can request your cabin crew for some Ginger to beat motion sickness if you find the need for it. You can also carry some of your own to help yourself. Ginger can also help combat seasickness.

So, if you are heading for a vacation by the sea, this can be your best friend. You can have this in its dried form. However, if you are comfortable having its juice or consuming Ginger in powdered form, do not hesitate.

3. Watch What You Eat

Certain foods can trigger motion sicknesses before catching a flight. Especially fried and greasy foods may be the worst triggers for this purpose. That is why it makes sense to be mindful of what you eat before boarding.

This is also important in the case of going for boat rides and other rides of your preference. Alcohol and spicy foods may contribute to this type of problem too. In fact, they may even trigger stomach upset that may make you hate the idea of flying ever again. So, take the matter into your own hands.

4. Say ‘YES’ To Essential Oils


Essential oils are very therapeutic. They are made of organic plant extracts that can allow you to get rid of motion sickness with their scent. Since aromatherapy is known to relax the mind and the body, you can use these essential oils at your convenience and see how they help.

Peppermint, Ginger, and Lavender are some of the best essential oils to use when experiencing this problem on a flight. You can carry these essential oils in small liquid containers in your handbag itself. So, when you want to use them, you do not have to dig into your luggage too far.

5. Consume Some Chamomile Tea

If you know that you easily experience motion sickness on a flight, you can drink Chamomile tea before boarding to reduce the chances of feeling sick after boarding. A warm cup of this tea can help curb feelings of uneasiness and trigger relaxation on time. Most Coffee or grocery stores at the airport avail this tea easily. So, order it at your comfort and enjoy a convenient flying experience.

6. Avoid Anything That Suffocates

Feeling claustrophobic on a flight is normal. Especially for passengers who sit in the middle seat may start feeling very uncomfortable and suffocated after a point. This can be an instant trigger for motion sickness in a lot of people. If you do not want to feel this way, it is best to get some air.

Try taking a walk to feel a little less claustrophobic before you go back to sitting in the middle. You can also carry a blower fan with you that can help you get some air on the flight and avoid feeling so suffocated.

7. Take Meds If Necessary


If you think nothing can help how bad your motion sickness can get on a flight, or you want rapid relief, it is best to carry some medications along. As soon as you feel sick on the flight, do not hesitate to take your meds and relax. You are bound to feel better after a certain point in time. You can also ask for some water on the plane to gulp down the medication conveniently.

8. Inform The Flight Attendants

When you feel too sick on a plane, it is best to inform the flight attendant, so they can help you out. This is best for those people who may get fearful easily and do not know what to do. Flight attendants will help you immediately and allow you to find the best means possible to get as comfortable as you can. They may even help you find an empty seat if possible. This can be one of the most useful ways to beat motion sickness on time. So, do not hesitate.

Winding Up!

Motion sickness can occur due to many reasons on a flight. In fact, this is common everywhere. But avoiding its tendency can put you on a risky road when traveling by air. So, when you are packing, do not forget to carry your medications, Ginger, and other things that may help beat this type of problem.

Make sure that the medications you carry are doctor approved. This will help avoid any complications whatsoever. So, book your flights as early as possible to take a fancy trip to Mumbai this season.