7 Cheap Chairs for the Office under $200 in 2024

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Your office chair is probably one of the most important pieces of furniture in your life. You spend most of your day sitting and working in it, and it’s in your best interest for it to be as comfortable as possible.

Unfortunately, good office chairs are not particularly cheap. Still, a high-quality office chair could save you from many eventual medical issues, so it is an important investment to make.

In this list we will be talking about the best office chair picks you can get for a reasonable price of under 200$.

AmazonBasics High-Back Leather Executive Chair

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This AmazonBasics office chair has a classic professional design, paired with a soft seat and adjustable height. It has great upper-back support, but the same can’t be said for the neck support. Another downside is that it doesn’t exactly have adjustable armrests, which could make it uncomfortable for some people, depending on their size.

It’s great for moving around, as it has reliable wheels, and it rotates so you can turn around easily. It’s great for people who need to reach for things often as it provides great mobility.

It’s fairly comfortable and you can get it on Amazon for around 120$. It comes in white, brown, and black so you can easily match it with your office surroundings.

OFFICE FACTOR Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

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You’ve probably heard of ergonomic chairs by now. If not, ergonomic means that the chairs are designed to fit your body and keep you from slouching and sitting in uncomfortable positions.

This chair has adjustable and padded armrests, a breathable back, and a lightly cushioned seat. Its ergonomic design makes it pretty comfortable overall.

Other than that, it has a very trendy look, and it comes in different colors including red, black, and grey. Depending on the color it costs from about 140 to 195 USD.

Furmax Office Chair Desk Leather

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If you’re looking for a classic, comfortable but also affordable chair, look no further. The Furmax Office Chair is perfect for people who spend long hours sitting, as its made from breathable material that prevents sweating.

It has a very simple design so it can blend into any office environment, and it comes in four different colors (black, blue, red, and white). The best model for your office needs would probably be the black one since it looks more like an office chair than a gaming chair.

It also has adjustable armrests, reclines well, and you can easily find it for about 60$ on Amazon.

OSP Home Furnishings Milo Office Chair

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This office chair is incredibly popular with women, and there is a good reason as to why. It has a beautiful, modern design, and comes in the gentle color of royal blue. It also looks extremely trendy and makes your work environment a little less boring while still managing to give it a professional look.

It’s perfect for people of smaller sizes, as its back is positioned pretty low. It does come with adjustable height, and it’s incredibly easy to assemble. The wheels are designed to work on carpets, which could be a huge plus.

Overall, it’s a very comfortable and affordable chair, although it’s not for everyone.

Modway Assert Drafting Chair

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This chair is perfect for people working on the increasingly popular standing desks. Even though you realized the benefits of standing while working, you will still have to take some breaks here and there. This is where Modways Assert Drafting chair comes in. It’s amazing for high desks of all sorts, it has excellent breathability, and you’re going to be able to move and turn around with ease. It doesn’t have any neck support and it’s impossible to fit under smaller desks. Still, if you are working on a drafting desk it could be a perfect way to rest your legs while staying productive.

You could find these for 200$, or possibly a bit over, so keep in mind that they’re very pricey. If you’re interested in finding more drafting chairs like this one, check out a detailed list on ergonomicshealth.com.

OFM Essentials Executive Chair – Mid Back Office Computer Chair

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If you’re looking for comfort, then OFM Essentials Executive chair is just the right one for you!

It also has a very modern look, and it has extremely breathable fabric. It’s not very adjustable, but its wheels are perfect for moving around. It’s also pretty affordable, you can find it for a little less than 100$.

It has great upper and lower back support and padded arms. It comes in 3 different colors including black, white, and grey. Other than that, you can get it in two different styles: mid-back and high-back, depending on what fits your needs better. It’s has a capacity of 250 pounds, which makes it extremely durable.

Boss Office Products Perfect Posture Delux Fabric Task Chair with Adjustable Arms in Blue

This chair is perfect for someone who is looking to improve their posture. Its design makes it so you’ll be sitting in a very comfortable position all day. It comes in five different colors including blue, white, red, black, and even camo! You can choose between loop arms, adjustable arms, or no arms at all!

It has an adjustable height, it gives you great mobility, and it puts less strain onto your legs due to its great ergonomic design. The downside is that it’s made out of nylon, which is not very breathable. Still, its really easy to assemble and it’s pretty affordable too. You can find it on amazon for a starting price of 66$.


Finding the right chair for a price that fits your budget has never been easier. There are so many different models to choose from!

When choosing your chair you should always look beyond its appearance. The most important thing is that it’s adjustable to fit your body and your needs. Remember, you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting in it, so things like material, mobility, and height are extremely important to consider.