CBD Oil Intake and FAQs – 2024 Guide

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When you start thinking about taking a CBD, there are a lot of questions. What is the form of cannabidiol? Do I take it while eating? Are there any side effects? How long can I take cannabidiol products?

Learn everything about CBD oil intake and what you should consider in this article. Because two things are scientifically substantiated: It has many positive effects, but should not be taken by everyone.

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What is CBD?

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Before we take a closer look at taking CBD, let’s ask ourselves the question: What is it anyway?

Simply put, CBD – called cannabidiol by its full name – is one of around 500 ingredients in the hemp plant. It is one of the most popular natural remedies in modern times but was used thousands of years ago.

Cannabidiol (CBD) key advantage over tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is that it has numerous healing, but not intoxicating properties. 

It is what makes it so accessible for alternative medicine. However, a statement from the beginning of the text has to be put into perspective: CBDa is not the ingredient, but CBDa.

What CBD products are there?

By far, the most commonly used cannabinoid product is CBD oil. There are also other dosage forms, such as:

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  • capsules and tablets
  • crystals
  • e-liquids
  • paste
  • cosmetics

Take CBD oil correctly

CBD oil is usually taken through the oral mucosa and stomach. You drizzle it with a pipette or the like in the mouth. However, it is recommended not to swallow the cannabidiol immediately.

Our tip

If you use CBD oil, put it under the tongue and keep it there for about a minute. It is good to know that the CBD is quickly absorbed through the well-perfused oral mucosa.

Some users find the taste of CBD oil very unpleasant. In these cases, the oil can, of course, also be swallowed directly and thus enter the bloodstream a little more slowly through the gastric mucosa.

How long does it take for you to feel the first effects after taking it?

This question cannot be answered, generally. Basically:

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  • If you keep CBD oil in your mouth for a longer time, the effect will occur more quickly because the connection is established through the oral mucosa. Here you can expect the first effects just a few minutes after taking it.
  • The absorption through the stomach takes longer, the fuller the stomach is. Depending on how much you have eaten before, it can take between 15 and 30 minutes to feel something.

Unlike many medications, you do not have to follow meals after taking CBD (whether as oil or in any other way).

On the contrary: with an empty stomach, the active ingredient can be absorbed more quickly by the gastric mucosa and released into the bloodstream.

Also, you don’t need to worry about taking CBD soberly, which can harm your stomach. The oil is easy to digest. But there is nothing wrong with putting the intake on meals.

What are the CBD oil benefits?

First of all, the active ingredient content can be quite high in some cases, and good CBD oil is very pure. Amongst others, users often report the following advantages:

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  • Trouble-free and precise dosing – even on the go
  • Rapid effectiveness
  • Relatively inexpensive purchase
  • Good availability on the market

The only apparent disadvantage is the sometimes quite unpleasant taste. Before taking it, make sure that the CBD oil is not contaminated. It can certainly happen but can be avoided with careful handling.

If you prefer to switch to another dosage form, this is not a problem. While cannabidiol oil is extremely popular, there are many other ways to take it.

What are the positive effects of CBD oil on the body?

It is best known for its calming and relaxing properties. Therefore, it can help with stress, nervousness and anxiety, but also with overexertion, for example, through exercise or sleep disorders.

The health-promoting effect of cannabidiol is well known so that the natural remedy increasingly moved into the focus of numerous studies. At a time when superior protection against infectious diseases is more important than ever, effective dietary supplements are becoming increasingly important. Today we know that CBD oil can protect your immune system, and the remedy offers protection against various diseases.

Does CBD oil strengthen the immune system, and does it prevent chronic inflammation?

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The main task of the immune system is to destroy free radicals and other pollutants and thus to protect the human body from various diseases. Nevertheless, it can happen again and again that the immune system reacts to harmful stimuli and has to render various pathogens harmless with an inflammatory reaction. 

If the immune system does not function properly, this inflammatory reaction can occasionally arise too quickly, so that the inflammation can eventually become chronic. These chronic inflammations not only impair the quality of life of the person affected but also favour the development of secondary diseases. 

Studies have shown that CBD oil is particularly anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, as well as the immune system, can sustainably strengthen. 

Besides, cannabidiol impresses with its antioxidant properties and therefore catches free radicals in a targeted manner. Since oxidative stress is often associated with various diseases such as acne or arthritis, CBD oil can be used as adequate protection at this point.

Conclusion: CBD oil provides good protection against various diseases

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CBD is an extremely versatile natural remedy that has been shown to support your immune system. Nevertheless, you should also take a holistic approach in this area and strengthen your defences with a balanced diet and the right amount of exercise.

A balanced body often corresponds to a more robust immune system that helps keep disease away. And thanks to the growing body of studies into the benefits of cannabis CBD oil, the theory that cannabinoids from the cannabis plant have beneficial effects on the balance of the body is growing stronger. 

We know that regular exercise, a healthy diet, and a good night’s sleep are especially helpful in keeping our minds and bodies healthy and balanced. But we also believe that adding a supplement that contains an ideal balance of nutrients can improve that balance even further.

Whether for your mental or physical health or as a preventative measure, CBD oil could be the natural solution for a healthy and balanced immune system.