CBD Marketing: What Are the Most Important Steps to Make?

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Marijuana was a taboo subject for many years. However, things have changed a lot in the last couple of years and the CBD industry started to grow. Together with that growth, the market in this field started to become more competitive. Currently, the value of this industry is around $1 billion. Experts predict that the value will grow up to 16 billion by 2025. You don’t have to be a well-experienced entrepreneur to figure out that this industry is perfective and profitable.

Because of that, you need to understand that working with CBD products is a serious business. You have to get prepared for the growth that experts predict. The first thing you have to keep in mind is – Promotion of CBD products.

Marketing is a complex thing in every field of business. Many factors will have an impact on the success of your advertising strategy. First of all, you need to be sure that every aspect of your promotion is legal. Fortunately, we live in the world of modern technology and that is the benefit we have to use!

So, let’s see together which steps you need to go through to promote your CBD products successfully.

Define Your Target Audience

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Does everyone want to buy your products? Of course not, and that is the reason why you need to determine who your target audience is. There are several different ways of how business owners can do that.

It doesn’t matter on which platform you want to promote yourself. Each of them usually comes together with helpful data. For example, you will be able to see some of the basic pieces of info such as

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location, etc.

Besides that, there is one more effective tactic. There are businesses that are selling the same or similar product as yours. If they have started to promote themselves on social media, they already connected people with the same interests. Facebook gives you an option to target a “look-a-like” audience. More precisely, you will target people that are already purchasing products from your competitors. They may be loyal to other brands, but you will be able to better understand who your target audience is.

Making mistakes while promoting your product can cost you a lot. Advertising yourself in front of the wrong target audience can potentially take a lot of your money.

Engaging Website Content

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You are not a physical/traditional store and you won’t be able to talk directly to your clients. That’s why content on your website speaks for you.

First of all, it is important to educate your potential customers. This is a “fresh” industry and visitors on your website will have various questions. Our suggestion is to start running the company’s blog with the “How-to” type or articles.

Besides that, they will want to know who you are. That’s why your website has to contain the “About Us” page where people can get to know you better.

Do not try to sound too professional or formal. People do not like to read complicated things. Try to write content in a friendly and conversational tone.

Boost Your SEO

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SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. A good SEO score helps you make better rankings on Google. Logically, business owners strive to be on the first page of Google. One of the factors that have a huge impact on that is keywords that you use in your content.

People are usually googling for similar phrases such as “What is CBD Oil”, “How much does CBD Oil cost”, etc. Some tools like Google Keyword Planner and IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator will help you with that.

Attractive Design of a Website

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There is one thing that every entrepreneur should know. The title of the article we use and the design of a website are two things that attract visitors. Content is something that keeps them and convinces them to buy a product.

The human eye is ungrateful. If we do not like what we see, there is a big chance we will click on “x” after only a few seconds.

Still, designing a website is a difficult task. You can always check tutorials on YouTube and try to figure out things alone. Yet, there is a big chance everything will look too complicated. That’s why you should try to find someone who already has the necessary experience and knowledge. For instance, Digitawise is a web design company that is specialized in CBD shops. They could save your time and make the entire process a lot easier.

Collaboration with Influencers

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It is hard to find a person that does not have an account on at least one social media. Even grandmas have an Instagram account where they publish a picture of their garden.

Still, it will take time until you gain enough followers. Paid ads are also a good solution, but there is something that will probably bring you better results. Influencers are people that have strong profiles on some of the social media platforms. In the last 2 years, influencers are mostly active on YouTube, Instagram, and SnapChat. You can use their influence to promote yourself in front of thousands of eyeballs.

Anyway, not every profile with 100k followers is a good choice for you. His content needs to be somehow related to the CBD industry. Imagine that you contact an influencer that is a gamer. His followers are fans of computers, mobiles, etc. They are not necessarily fans of CBD products. Spending money on this would be a completely wrong investment.

E-Mail Marketing

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Some people will tell you that e-mail marketing is not a modern way of advertising. They usually think that because people mostly use social media for chatting and other things. Well, that’s far away from the truth. Statistics have shown that e-mail campaigns boost ROI for 3800%. More precisely, for $1 that you invest, you will get $38 on average.

You are probably asking now “How to get emails of the people?” It is easier than you thought. Modern businesses are offering to their followers to subscribe to their newsletter. For example, when a visitor gets to the homepage, a box will pop up and it will ask him to give his email address in order to subscribe to your newsletter.

The influence of newsletters is huge. You won’t just get the email addresses of your competitors. You will also get their appreciation. Newsletters serve to inform your customers about new products, discounts, valuable pieces of information related to your business, etc. Because of that, there is a big chance they will come back again to purchase!