Catherine Zeta Jones’ Heartwarming Tribute to Kirk Douglas

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It is already familiar fact that the actress and her father in law had a very warm and strong relationship.

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The famous actor Kirk Douglas died two days ago, leaving a huge cinematic legacy. It was a great loss both for his fans and family.  Catherine Zeta-Jones, his daughter in law is happily married to Michael Douglas for 20 years. Since their expensive wedding in 2000, two families are inseparable.

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From the start of her relationship with his son Michael, Kirk Douglas has never been hiding his emotions towards his daughter-in-law. On the day he died, Catherine paid him tribute on her Instagram account:

“To my darling Kirk, I shall love you for the rest of my life.”, she wrote.


But that wasn’t the first time she was sharing their warm relationship with her fans. On his 103rd birthday, she wrote: “This guy on my knee, is 103!!!!! Happy Birthday, Pappy!!! I love you with all my heart.”

When the actress has been In “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, she recalled how she could sit for hours with the actor talking about the old times in Tinseltown. “When you think of the Hollywood system back then, boy, it was tough! It’s tough for women today, but it was really tough then, all these women… and men were thrown into the stable and they were all pitted against each other to see who would get the role of the season, if the script was coming in,” she said, showing her huge admiration for her famous father-in-law.

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Kirk, born Issur Danielovitch Demsky in 1916, is survived by his spouse of nearly 66 years, and three sons, Michael, Joel and Peter. He excelled numerous big roles in the blockbusters such as “Ace in the hole”, “The Vikings” and “Lust for life”, but famous “Spartacus” never wanted to be identified as his characters: “I must admit I’m not as brave as I am in the movies. I’m human, and like many people after a stroke, I faced severe depression”.