5 Career Tips From Mohamed Ezzat – Famous Talent Manager & Mentor

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Starting any career is always fun, especially to young people who feel like the whole new world is opening for them and who are more than ready to start a new period of their lives. At the same time, this can be quite stressful, simply because one can encounter numerous problems that might seem impossible to overcome.

Because of this, regardless of the industry, everyone needs a mentor to guide them on this path and steer them in the right direction. In this article, we are going to provide you with some general tips that you should make this entire journey a little less complicated. In addition, we are going to introduce you to a talent manager, Mohamed Ezzat, and tell you some of his secrets.

Ezzat is a famous talent manager from Dubai who has already made dreams of so many young people come true. He is not only a person who has the ability to recognize talent, but he is also a mentor, someone who helps these people reach their maximum potential.

How does he do this? Well, there is a secret that Moee has discovered years ago – the needs of an individual are the most important thing. Because of this, he tries to ensure that all the people he collaborates with are comfortable first and foremost with themselves, and then, with everything else around them.

Choose what you love

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The first thing that is important when it comes to choosing a career is to go with a job that you find appealing and interesting. A career isn’t something that should only allow you to earn money and live without having financial troubles, but it is also something that should provide you with joy. Going to work every day should be an exciting adventure. One should always look forward to it and anticipate what can happen.

This is something that Ezzat understands very well. After all, he is a passionate fan of sports which is what allows him to have fun while helping young talents. Besides, it has also enabled him to make acquaintances with popular football players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Achraf Hakimi.

Believe in yourself

Oftentimes, this is easier said than done, but it is of vital importance. Yes, we know, building self-confidence is not only tricky progress but also a lengthy one. You will meet people who will seem better and more qualified than you, but you have to remember that not long ago they were in the same position you are right now.

This is one of the numerous reasons why you should work with a mentor like Mohamed Ezzat. According to him, believing in his talents, being certain that each one of them can reach the stars is what makes everything so much easier. This is something that every individual needs. Someone who is not only going to push them to grow and acquire new skills, but also someone who is always going to be by their side, to support them when they need it.

Mark the important tasks

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This is something that has to be done, regardless of the line of work you choose. If you want to build a successful career, you must learn to prioritize. What does this mean? Well, you will be faced with numerous tasks on a daily basis. You will be able to complete some of these immediately, while others will require more time and effort.

In order to continually progress, you will have to learn how to recognize which things have to be completed as soon as possible, and which can wait. Do not make the common mistake and only focus on those you can finish quickly thinking that it is a better option since you will be able to do more work.

On the contrary, think about the importance of each of them, and consider how they can affect your further work or if they can help you acquire a new skill in any way. These are the tasks that you should complete. You might have to work extra hard, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Practice, Practice, Practice

This is yet another tip that can be applied to any career. Whatever path you choose, you have to work hard on mastering all the necessary skills. This is the only way that you will succeed. When it comes to football and young talents, Ezzat only has one piece of advice – work hard and never stop trying.

As you know, in order to master the skill of playing football, hard work is one of the most important things. Yes, you need talent, but Moee also says that you need to make an enormous effort every time you walk to the field.

Yes, sometimes, it is going to seem impossible. You might even question your motives for starting the journey in the first place. However, remember that persistence is what makes the difference between success and failure. Once again, this leads us to the importance of having a mentor who is going to help you not only reach your goals but also boost your confidence.

Don’t forget to have fun

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Finally, if taking some time to enjoy yourself and have fun seems implausible, then you should definitely check out Mohamed’s story. He is not only a man recognized for his successful career and someone who is one the run non-stop as it seems, but he is also a man who knows how to have fun.

If you were to follow his Instagram account, you would see a person who likes spending time traveling around the world in private jets, relaxing on yachts, and creating lasting memories with his friends and family.

He understands, better than others, how stressful building a career can be, which is why he tries to lead by example. We believe that he has found the perfect balance between hard work and having fun which is what allows him to thrive in life.