Car Shipping – Everything you Need to Know


Nowadays automobiles allow us to move from one point of the continent to another in just a few days. While that is a great opportunity if you want to travel and enjoy the view passing by, if you are simply relocating and need your car moved to the new place, driving it there might not be the best option.

That is precisely why auto transportation companies exist. They can do the job of transporting your vehicle for you, while you have the time to concentrate on moving to your new home.

What Exactly is Professional Car Shipping

Professional vehicle shipping companies are equipped with the needed transportation and expertise in order to safely move your car across large distances whenever you are not able to drive yourself. There are many cases and reasons why you might be needing such services, which will be explored later on in this article.

Auto transportation companies offer different types of transport and services according to the type of your vehicle and your needs. These services offer you great convenience and benefits that make it completely worth it to invest in professional car shipping.

In Which Cases do you Need Auto Transportation


There are many different cases in which you might be in need of such services. Most often people use them when they are moving at a great distance either for a new job, starting education in a new university, or simply moving in a new home.

When the distance is too big, the fuel might turn out to be so expensive that it would eventually be cheaper for you to rely on professional services to ship your car. Moreover, if you need to ship your car overseas, auto transportation companies are the option for you.

Whenever you are purchasing a new vehicle from an out-of-state provider, or winning one from an online auto auction, the more convenient option is to rely on a professional company like to ship it for you.

If you are a classic-car-afficionado and have a new restoration project in mind, car shipping companies will safely transport the valuable exhibit.

What are the Different Types of Vehicle Transportation

Auto-transport companies offer shipping your car by air or by a boat, but the most used services include shipping vehicles by a truck. That includes two types of transportation – open or enclosed auto transport.

Open car transportation is the most common option as it not only completely safe, but it’s also the more economic one. Enclosed transportation comes with a greater price, but it’s the best option for shipping luxury and classic cars, as it provides the greatest level of safety for your vehicle.

With hybrid and electric vehicles there are certain requirements and regulations when it comes to transportation. Professional companies are licensed to safely ship electric cars.

What are the Advantages of professional Car Shipping Services


There are numerous advantages in trusting a professional company for shipping your vehicle. In the first place, it is much more economic and saves you large expenses on fuel and time in case you need to move your car at a great distance.

Moreover, shipping your car instead of driving it across a large distance could save you potential damage and wearing of the vehicle.

Most probably you wouldn’t be able to take a few days only to drive across many kilometers, or if you were able to take these days, you would probably want to have a well-deserved rest. This is where vehicle shipping comes in handy as it delivers your car directly to your door and leaves you time to relax. You can even calculate how much time it will take to deliver it with a car shipping estimate calculator.

These services offer an advantage for the environment, as they can ship many vehicles at the same time, which reduces the fuel needed for transportation, as well as the harmful emissions.

How does Vehicle Shipping Work

The most important step is choosing a good company with experience and expertise that you might safely trust. Compare different options and advantages offered by the companies in order to make a decision that would be most beneficial to you.

In order to get an offer from the company with the total price for the service, you need to provide them with detailed information about the type of your vehicle, the locations of shipping and others.

The auto transport carrier would usually arrive at the place to pick up the vehicle and transport it directly to the needed location. If the vehicle is damaged and cannot be operated you need to specifically explain that, so that the carrier comes with the needed equipment in order to lift and load it on the truck.

The time for transportation can vary between a few days and a few weeks depending on the distance and some other conditions. The date and time of the pick-up can be precisely arranged between you and the carrier.

In case you are in need of vehicle shipping and you are looking for a trustworthy carrier, you can contact as one of the most renowned licensed auto transport companies across the US.

Preparing your Vehicle for Shipping


The preparation is not too complicated and wouldn’t require any processes that are too specific. Firstly, it is advisable to remove any valuable items that could get stolen potentially.

According to the company’s requirements you should empty the fuel tank to a specific level. In order to ensure your vehicle’s safety, you could take photos of its exact condition, so that if there is any damage after the shipping the company would take responsibility.

Make sure that there is enough parking space around the vehicle, so that the loading on the truck happens in the most convenient manner.

What is the Cost of Vehicle Shipping

The total price for the service is estimated on the basis of many factors taken into account. The sum depends greatly on the shipment method that you have chosen, as well as on the distance of the shipping.

The weight and the size of your vehicle are also taken into consideration. If you choose additional options like express shipment that would have an effect on the price of the service.