4 Tips for Picking the Right Canvas Wall Art for Your Room

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You might think that the colors of your furniture, wall paint and flooring are the most important part of every home decoration or renovation. Well, you would be right, but not entirely.

What makes a perfect home? Residence from your dreams? To some, it’s making a warm, cozy nest for you and your family, for others, it’s having the designer furniture, the bravest sculptures or the paintings of renowned artists about which you can discover more here. But the most beautiful thing about decorating your home is – you don’t have to choose between these two options. You can have it all. And you certainly should.

Your House is Your Sanctuary

That being said, the style of your property doesn’t matter, it can be industrial, modern or eclectic, or it can be mid-century, Scandinavian or bohemian – although opposite, all of these interior styles have the same thing in common. After you’ve chosen the style you want to go with, it is yours, and nobody else’s. And that’s what makes it the most beautiful interior in the world.

But how? The answer is simple. The things that make it into your oasis are the elements that portray you. The way you personalize your residence with just a couple of items, and give it your touch, is how you can bring life and light to your home, as well as showcase your personality. But the most important thing is – it’s the place where you spend most of your time, so it should be designed and decorated to feel like your personal sanctuary.

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What Can I Do To Decorate My Home?

However, it’s not always easy to choose the right pieces for your home. Home decor professionals are people who have spent years and years of study to create beautiful, functional and unique living spaces, so don’t feel discouraged if you get overwhelmed with all the choices you have to make and all the products that are available and waiting to be incorporated in your interior.

There are several elements every space needs to have. Other than the main elements such as furniture, flooring and lighting, if we focus solely on the decor, accessories you can add to your space are mirrors, candles and candle holders, pillows, vases, curtains, sculptures, trays, plants and planters, and finally – art and wall decor.

Your Biggest Home Space Isn’t Your Square Footage

The space in your home can seem like the biggest design and decoration challenge. Just imagine pairing different furniture pieces, and you’ll easily understand that this is not an easy job. However, just look at your walls. They are the real empty canvases! The only way to tidy up your home the right way, is to use the wall surface to create a beautiful atmosphere and use every detail to accentuate your taste and your decor.

Luckily, having a wall art is the best thing you can do to express your emotions, showcase your preferences and the things and people you love, as well as tell the story both about you and your home – helping your visitors know more about you.

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What Kind of Wall Decor Should I Use?

There are so many options available when choosing the decoration pieces for your walls. When it comes to wall decor ideas, if you want to create your personal gallery, you can opt for animated prints, professional photography, wallpapers, high-quality nature pictures or pictures of your loved ones, you can hang a fabric, a collection of plates or wall-mounted plants, paint a mural, adhesive wall art, whiteboards or blackboards, hang maps, hats or simply play with colors and paint.

However, the latest trends show that having canvas wall art is the most aesthetically pleasing choice you can make. But having a great photo or a magnificent art piece is not enough. You need to create a beautiful ambience with multiple elements. Here’s how.

  1. Make a Plan

Although you will often hear that creating an art wall is an intuitive thing, the importance of planning cannot be emphasized enough. This means that not every wall in your room is the same, nor it’s equally convenient for adding details to it. You should pick the wall that would look best with your favorite artwork, or otherwise the whole space will look cluttered.

This is especially the case with open floor homes, where every detail makes a great difference. However, the one thing you should know is that every room in your house should have its art wall. This means that you should have artwork specifically for your kitchen, bedroom or office. Logically, the art canvas in your bedroom will look more peaceful, soothing and relaxing, with minimalistic frames, while the living room is the space where you can get creative and express yourself to the fullest.

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  1. Start With Your Favorite

If you don’t know where to start, the first step of the process can always be picking one piece of art you love, or a photo you love and printing it on canvas. You can easily turn a photo with your loved ones into an art piece, by sending a photo of your choice to a website such as CanvasDiscount.com and getting a colorful canvas, perfect for your wall.

When you select and hang your central piece, that’s when you can start playing with sizes, shapes and colors of other pieces. Some people love to create an entire art wall, with more than 10 artworks, and they always start with their favorite one. Use a pencil and draw the shapes on the wall to make the perfect layout.

  1. Match It With Your Mood, Not Your Room

Many people make the simplest mistake when they try to create an art wall – they want to match it with their furniture. However, your art wall is an area you enjoy looking at, and if that means bringing color to your minimalistic interior, or a color that stands out from the rest of the room – so be it! Don’t be afraid of experimenting with colors, shapes or styles, as long as you like what you see and you think you won’t get bored of looking at it in the future.

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  1. Size is The Space Changer – Use it

Depending on your space, you can go with a large scale piece, two similar-sized pieces or multiple different sized pieces combined. If you chose one larger artwork, and several smaller ones, it can also be a great choice for bigger wall surfaces. If your wall is small in size, choose the artwork carefully, having in mind that you can easily open the space, depending on the warmth of colors, motives on the paintings or photos and their position on the wall. At the same time, you can make the space look even smaller than it is, so the best option is to combine bright colors and mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger space.