How to take Awesome Cannabis and Marijuana Seeds Pictures with your Smartphone

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With more states in America and countries around the world legalizing the sale and consumption of cannabis and cannabis products, it seems like more people are uploading their marijuana photographs to the internet than ever before. Whether it’s sending the images to friends via messenger apps or publishing them to their favorite social networking platforms, it seems like there’s some great images of all different types of cannabis out there. 

People and businesses who publish fantastic cannabis photographs often have a large following. Many people, especially young people, are obsessed with growing the amount of followers they have they have on their account. Business owners are well aware that the more followers they have on social media platforms, the more people are aware of their business so the likelihood of sales increasing is high. 

Not everyone has a top of the range SLR camera to help them get the perfect shot of their favourite bud, but you might be surprised what you can do with your smartphone. We have compiled a few tips and tricks so you don’t have to invest in a high quality camera. 

Make sure the Phone is Stabilized

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There is nothing worse than a blurry image. Don’t expect a photograph with any part of the image blurred to gain much attention. Don’t worry, as there are a number of ways to prevent camera shake while taking a photograph with your smart device. 

Invest in a tripod for your smartphone. There are plenty of tripods available, some that are very cheap that will do a great job. Some of these tripods on the market are small and can fit in your pocket. Just before buying one, try to see if it fits your phone. Some of the tripods available are designed for specific smartphones. When using the tripod, make sure it is on a flat surface with no obstacles in the way. Although there are plenty of affordable tripods on the market, if you plan on splashing the cash look for a tripod with a kickstand. 

Use a Remote to take the Picture

Now that you have your smartphone mounted on a tripod, you are left with another issue. Even when the smartphone is attached to the tripod, you’ll probably end up shaking the phone when you take the shot because you will have to press the button on the phone. Often the button is in an awkward position so it is inevitable that you will shake the phone and your image will be useless. To avoid touching your phone, here are a few options:

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  • Smartwatch: Most smart watches that connect with your phone via Bluetooth will allow you to take the photo. There is a feature with most smartwatches that allows your phone to capture the image remotely.
  • Tripod: Some tripods have a cable that connects to your smart device. On the cable there is a button that once you click it you will capture the image without moving the device. The main reason why tripods have this feature is to take selfies, so often the cable is long, which is great for taking pictures of cannabis. 
  • Voice control: Although it seems most people don’t know this, the majority of smartphones allow you to control your camera with your voice. Check the camera settings to see if the option is on your phone. You will have to give the device a command such as “cheese” or “capture” so the device takes the picture. 

Unlike bulky SLR cameras, smartphones tend to move a lot easier on a tripod so taking the photograph remotely is necessary. 

Use your Grow Lights

Lets face it, most smartphones have low quality flashes. In fact, I can’t imagine there are many smart devices with decent flashes on the market. It seems like everytime you use a phone’s built in flash flash the image is always overexposed. 

However, if you grow your cannabis, why not use the LED grow lights to help you with lighting up the subject. Directly facing the LED light towards the subject may cause the image to look too sharp. This is great if this is the kind of image you want, however for the best result, use indirect light. This will allow the light to bounce off the white surface, allowing your image to look great. 

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How to Take Close Ups of your Seeds?

Nowadays, many like to show off their weed seeds, however taking photographs of them can prove challenging, especially with a smartphone. 

Many photographers like to use old floppy discs to help take photographs of cannabis seeds. If you haven’t seen a floppy disc before, perhaps checking in your parents attic to see if there is one lying around. Place the seeds on a floppy disc, get your tripod out and your LED lighting, and take the picture. Most floppy discs don’t give off a reflection. 

For more details on some of the seeds on the market, check out

How do you take Close Ups of Cannabis?

The best cannabis photographs are when you can see sticky trichomes and incredible colors. To get these amazing pictures with great detail, it might be worth investing in a macro lens for your camera. 

A macro lens will allow you to get extremely close up to the subject capturing the smallest details a normal smartphone lens would miss out on.

There are plenty of macro lenses available on the market. The best selling smartphones have macro lenses designed specifically for each device, however other models don’t. Thankfully, there are companies that manufacture generic macro lenses for all devices. These are normally clip-on lenses that allow you to adjust the size of the clip so that it fits your phone.

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Since social networking has grown in popularity, it seems like most of us have become experts at editing our images. Most phones have a basic app already installed in our smartphones when we purchase the device, but go one step further by modifying your images on Adobe Lightroom. The app has plenty of tools that will allow you to enhance your image to make it look great.