9 Cancelled TV Shows in 2024

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Watching TV shows has become a favorite pastime. There’s nothing more soothing than binge-watching your favorite characters, episode per episode, season through season. And, you are watching a TV show, you have probably attached to the characters that are in the show itself. It happened to all of us that our favorite show is being canceled. If you want to see will your favorite characters survive into the next season check out the text below. Fingers crossed that your favorite show survived the cut.

1. Soundtrack

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The soundtrack is one of the TV shows that appeared as a Netflix originals package. It was aired at the very end of the last year. After only one season of the show, they have decided to cancel it. There were some news that the creator has an idea and has planned the next season, but for now, Netflix has confirmed the cancellation of this show and no information is available of changing the streaming service and continuing the show somewhere else.

2. Spinning Out

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Spinning out is a show that follows figure skater as she is trying to find the balance between career and private life. Her mental state is fragile as fresh ice and the struggle is real. Even though it was liked but the audience and has had a very good rating amongst the viewers, it had a very short lifespan if we can say so, since it has been aired in January, and the info about cancellation has arrived at the very start of February.

3. Anne with an E

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After successful three seasons of the show, devastating news for the fans has arrived as Netflix stated that they will cancel the show after the third season. This has caused huge sparse between fans and the creator has stated that some things have left unsaid. She has also mentioned that she would like to wrap things properly and give closure to the fans in the form of a film if not series. No one has confirmed that this plan is in action.

4. Ray Donovan

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This TV show has had its ups and downs but somehow reached seven seasons. As the last aired season ended very dramatically and left viewers thinking about what will happens next, the news about cancellation arrived bringing devastation. Guessing that we will never know what actually happens next.

5. Brockmire

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What is peculiar about this show is that we have known about the cancelation prior to the release of the season. It was packed good four seasons, but it will not be made anymore. With such high ratings provided by the viewers, it is a true shame to see this show cancelled.

6. Claws

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This American drama show follows manicurists in their pursuit of a better life and portrays their battles and struggles. After four seasons, they have decided to pull the plug on this show; the rumor is that crime drama with the same name led to this, but there is no confirmed information regarding the claim. Some also stated that the cancellation was planned and that no more seasons were planned in the first place. Whatever the reason for the cancellation, fans are probably very sorry to see their favorite characters go.

7. Lucifer

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When it comes to this show, fans have already had their heartbroken when Fox decided to kill the show and leave it on a cliffhanger after season number three. This TV show has quickly become very popular amongst the viewers and they have praised Netflix for interfering and saving the show, making sure that season four is aired over this giant.

Despite the save, Netflix is planning to wrap the show up during this year. They will give closure to the fans, but some speculations are that season five might not return to Netflix. I bet that the fans of the show have their fingers crossed as they await the verdict impatiently. So far there are no confirmed information about the continuation of the show on Netflix or any other platform.

8. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Star Wars franchise has an enormous number of fans all over the globe, and it gathers a lot of different generations as viewers. Similar to Lucifer, this show was previously canceled a few times, but Disney Plus has announced to wrap this show-up. There is not yet a release date of the final season, but the speculations are that it will be released somewhere in the spring. On the other hand, this is still unconfirmed, so this the survival of this show is hanging by the tread. Fans all over the world would four sure love to see their favorite characters back in action again and they are hoping for the continuation fo this TV show.

9. Trinkets

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Yet another Netflix original that didn’t make the cut and will get canceled. Netflix released a bunch of shows last year, but it seems like that most of them don’t pass one season landmark. Most of the shows were canceled after having just one season, and it seems like they were just testing the market with different stories in order to be sure which ones are most popular amongst the audience.

This teen drama has been available to the audience for around a month until there was a notification from Netflix about canceling the show. What is interesting and probably very good for the fans of the show is that prior to the cancelation season two was announced. This will give the necessary closure to the fans and conclude the stories of the main characters’ best way possible. There is still information to be released on the date or at least part of the year when the final season will be available to be watched.


TV goods are sometimes injustice and will cancel the show you love not giving you time to say goodbye to your favorite character. All you can hope for are heads up and the possible return of the favorite TV show on the screen so you can have some closure.