Canbiola Cryogel – A Breakthrough in Pain Management

Canbiola Cryogel - A Breakthrough in Pain Management

Pain management has been a rough and dangerous road to navigate in today’s times. Skyrocketing opiate addiction and abuse over the last two decades has created strict prescribing rules for physicians and strong penalties for overprescribing and illegal dispensing. Acute and chronic pain, though, are real entities and tens of thousands of people do suffer from it on a daily basis. Opiates may not be the answer for all that suffer and in fact, may not be needed in today’s “new world medicine”.

These last two decades have also opened doors to new natural modalities of pain control. A shift is occurring from addictive and lethal means of pain control to safe and natural modalities which can be used indefinitely without risk of addiction or becoming resistant or tolerant to it.

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Plant-derived modalities have exploded in these 2 decades, many of which are evolving to become the front runners of pain control. In addition to these new modalities are older, proven ones which still provide great pain control and ultimate relief.

What happens when you start combining older methods with newer therapies? What if we took these older modalities and combined them with state of the art non-addictive phytochemicals. The results can be exponential. Let’s dive into 3 natural phytochemicals that Canbiola has combined and explored each in detail of their pain relief properties.

The first natural compound is called menthol. It is an organic compound called a terpenoid made from several different “mint” plants. Terpenoids have distinctive aromatic properties and can be recognized by their scent and taste.  Menthol has a very distinctive smell but is also considered a local anesthetic and even acts as a weak opioid receptor agonist.  Menthol also has the ability “to trigger the cold-sensitive TRPM8 receptors in the skin known for their cooling sensation when applied to the skin”. Lastly, menthol can exert its effects on certain chemical channels which affect stimulation and relaxation of muscle fibers.

On its own, menthol exerts a great deal of pain controlling properties on many different receptors when applied to the skin. This is why it is utilized very often for it pain-reducing properties. It is plant-based, can be organic and has useful medicinal properties.

The second natural compound that has been used extensively for pain control is camphor. It is a terpenoid found in the wood of camphor laurel. This compound has been used for centuries as a means to mitigate pain. It is absorbed through the skin and directly stimulates specific nerve endings. The end result causes either a heating or cooling sensation and as a result, produces local pain control.

Tomohiko Kotaka and et al also proved that camphor was able to increase blood flow to the skin and surrounding musculature. In his article, “Camphor Induces Cold and Warm Sensation with Increases in Skin and Muscle Blood Flow in Humans” he described how camphor is able to activate specific “transient receptor potential” channels otherwise known as TRP, causing cold and warm sensations. These sensations directly affect the blood flow into surrounding structures. Increased blood flow means greater oxygen and nutrient delivery to areas where inflammation and damage exist.

The third natural compound that works synergistically with the two described above is cannabidiol otherwise known as CBD. It is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant which influences TRP receptors. These receptors mediate pain perception and reduce inflammation. Unlike menthol and camphor, CBD can also be ingested and given sublingually for unparalleled effects.

CBD is a hydrophobic molecule found in abundance in cannabis called hemp. It easily penetrates tissue such as skin and directly influences the skin and surrounding tissues. Transdermal CBD bypasses first-pass metabolism (digestion and liver) and as such directly affects the tissue with which it comes in contact with. For this reason, transdermal CBD works faster at the site of contact.

Canbiola Cryogel - A Breakthrough in Pain Management

Canbiola has created a breakthrough product which combines these three certified organic compounds for fast pain relief. Unlike salves and creams, this formula is fast drying and non-greasy. It provides hours of pain relief without the risk of overtreatment with subsequent applications. By reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow, and by providing direct analgesia to an area, we realize better pain control when these three are used in combination.

This formula is excellent for individuals who suffer from chronic pain due to arthralgia’s and arthritis as well as individuals who sustained an acute injury. Muscle strains, sprains, ligamentous injuries, and joint sprains all may benefit from reduced inflammation and increased blood flow in order to heal or correct an injury. By coupling this cryogen with a sublingual CBD formula, a more sustained pain modulation may be realized.