Top 7 Canada’s Most Famous Gamblers – 2024 Review

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Gambling is not new in Canada; it is one of the oldest activities. Canadians learned gambling skills from settlers and they used sticks for gambling. The card games were introduced in 1947 and the first casino was launched in 1989.

Now, Canadians are free to gamble while following the gambling laws of the country. Canadians now have access to online casinos, such as Casinoorbit Canada where they can gamble. So, the gambling industry in Canada has evolved and grown over time, and there are quite a few gamblers who are famous in the industry. 

In this article, we will look at Canada’s most famous gamblers.

  • David Baazov

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David Baazov, born in 1980 in Montreal. He is one of the most famous gamblers in Canada and he used business style strategies in gambling. He is popular because of his invention of a computerized poker table. He invented this computerized poker table at a young age and made sure that the gamblers are able to play poker without a traditional poker dealer.

The table created by David became famous among New Zealand’s poker players as well. David’s invention of a computerized poker table led to the formation of online gaming companies. The scope of online gambling is increasing day by day as the young generation is more interested in online gambling. 

  • Daniel Negreanu

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In professional poker, one of the most known names is Daniel Negreanu. He was very young when he started being under the spotlight in the gambling industry in Canada. He has won various WSOP bracelets and other titles as well.

He has made many TV appearances as well. even though he is one of the best players of poker, he makes sure that his viewers remain entertained. He has appeared in many poker TV shows. One of his shows was the most-watched poker show in the history of TV. Daniel was confident and had an influence on the people who liked his gameplay.

  • Evelyn Ng

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Evelyn Ng, born in 1975 in Toronto, is a successful land-based gambler and is also a successful gambler in online casinos. Evelyn started dealing for poker and blackjack at the age of 17. Later on, she learned both the games. In 2003, Evelyn played at the WPT ladies’ night and finished second. Due to her amazing skills, she got a sponsorship deal from PokerStars and Bodog gaming. She has made $375,000 since 2010. 

Evelyn has been successful in defeating American poker players such as Annie Duke Kathy and Jennifer Harman. She has made TV appearances as well. She is certainly the best female gambler in Canada. 

  • Michael McDonald

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One of the most well-known names in the online gambling industry of Canada is Michael McDonald. He is popular for his wins and the amount of money he has made through online and live gambling. He has won $300,000 through online gaming and before reaching the legal gambling age in Canada.

He is the 3rd player who has won over $10,000,000 in Canada. Not only is he a leading online gambler but he is also one of the finest players in live poker. Michael is also an inspiration for the newbies in the gambling industry. This is because Michael was also very young when he first stepped into the gambling industry and then made his way to the top. 

  • Sorel Mizzi

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In online gambling, Sorel Mizzi is one of the known names. He not only plays online games but also plays live games. His life is devoted to gameplay and he is very popular because he is one of the examples of people who started from online gaming but made it to live poker as well.

Titan Poker has sponsored Sorel and he also pays him on the side too. Some people think that people who play online cannot play live but it is not true. However, it is true that online gaming and live gambling are different but people who excel in online games can certainly play live poker or other casino games. 

  • Jamie Staples

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Jamie Staples was born in 1991 and he is the youngest gambler of Canada who makes it to the list of famous gamblers. Most of the experienced and famous gamblers are not so young. They have spent quite some time in their life in the gambling industry and hence they are pretty popular. 

Jamie is an inspiration for the newbies in the gaming industry. He is also an inspiration for young people who want to start online gambling. Before becoming a professional player, Jamie played low-stake poker games along with other casino games. People have a misconception that online gambling has lesser wins as compared to live wins. But Jamie proves it wrong, he has won more than $1,000,000 through online gambling. 

Jamie is a star in the gaming industry, along with that, he is a star on social media platforms too. Many young people praise Jamie and are his fans. This means that Jamie has an influence over young people who are interested in gambling, be it online or live. 

  • Guy Laliberte

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The last person on our list of the most famous Canadian gamblers is Guy Laliberte. Guy is a Quebec native and is a passionate gambler and poker player. He made his fortune through Cirque de Soleil and then he puts back cash to high-stake games, live tournaments, and even blackjack tables. He also plays online. Guy is very comfortable in casinos and doesn’t hold back from playing online. 

As we mentioned earlier that the gambling industry in Canada is growing. There are various online gambling sites with unique games that people can play. All those people who don’t like gambling live can play online games and win some cash. Online gambling has certainly brought more attraction and participants in the gambling industry in Canada. So, you can also start online gambling by following the rules and regulations or if you prefer to live gambling then you can certainly start that as well.