Facts to Know Before Buying Readymade Curtains – 2024 Guide

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Curtains are an important accessory. They play a vital role in decorating the place adding style and charm to it. Readymade curtains have always been people’s first pick because they offer an easy and quick transformation. Therefore, in this article we are going to list up the top varieties and some tips to buy them.

Let’s begin with the trending fabric materials

There isn’t a single fabric material that is used for making them but a whole lot which vary greatly and offer distinctive features. Cotton, sheers, blackout, & thermal are four trending types’ readymade curtains.

Sheer curtains

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They are made from a transparent piece of fabric that allows all the light to cross through the place. During daytime, they bless your place with natural light and brighten it up creating an illusion of a wider and spacious place. The thin and lightweight fabric adds a delicate and sophisticated touch to the interior as well. They do not drape well because of their lightweight which is why they are combined with lining or another sheer layer. This not only helps them drape well but also maintains privacy. They complement well to contemporary interiors and are available easily at affordable rates.

Thermal curtains

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These are made from insulating pieces of fabric that enable the curtains to block thermals and draughts. The thick and dense fabric keeps the sunlight out and creates a blackout as well. Which greatly improves the working of the temperature maintaining system inside the house and lower the domestic bills? That is why they are an ideal choice if you live in an extremely cold or warm area. They filter out unwanted sounds and undesired noise too. They come in solid and dark colors only because dark colors absorb the heat effectively. So, you are unlikely to find them in light colors or printed plus they are costlier when compared with ordinary curtains.

Cotton curtains

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Being made from natural fabric they are environment friendly. Cotton panels are lightweight, airy, and breathable. They do not block the light considerably and filter out a small portion gracefully. They effortlessly fit into any interior creating a crisp elegance. They are available in an array of colors and designs that create a gentle and soft finishing.

Also, they feel extremely smooth and soft yet durable that withstands the frequent opening and closing. Normal cotton panels do not provide thermal insulation or blackout but the tightly weaved ones do. So if you want your cotton curtains to work more like blackout curtains i.e. maintain the temperature, keep excess light out, and insulate the interior opt for a tightly weaved cotton drape. Plus, they are easy to maintain and care for. It washes and dries as many times as needed domestically. The only drawback these panels have is the color fading. They do not withstand the excessive sun exposure and fade quickly.

Blackout panels

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Blackout panels are made from dense and thick opaque fabrics which are supported by foam or rubber backing. These curtains do the wonder and provide one with all the miraculous advantages he/she expects from curtains. They block the light up to ninety nine percent and the harmful ultraviolet radiations up to hundred percent. They also maintain the temperature effectively and save you energy up to twenty five percent plus reduce the electricity consumption as well as the bills saving you money in the long run.   They are incredibly durable and do not pill or lint at all. You’ll find them in dark and deep colors mostly because dark colors are supposed to absorb thermals and light effectively.

It is worthy to mention that despite having dark colors they do not fade no matter how frequently they are used and cleaned.

Now that you’ve learnt about the trending curtain types, let’s talk about the other factors that should be taken into consideration while buying readymade curtains.

Color scheme and pattern

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Texture and color schemes are a matter of one’s personal preferences but currents trends cannot be overlooked too. Now is the era of minimal designing. People are denying the old and classical interiors that used to have plenty of printed and colorful accessories. Modern interiors are much simpler, a few necessary accessories in neutral and matt colors are all they’ve. All you need is to follow a simple rule, go for neutral and plain curtains if you’ve a fully decorated walls and room full of patterned accessories. On the contrary, if your place has minimum furniture and designing matt dark but patterned panels will be the best go to choice.

Note that rooms full of light or located at the sun facing side shouldn’t be dressed up with vibrant and dark colored curtains because excessive light will tend to fade away the colors quickly. Beige, sage, wheat, and olive colors are recommended for such places.

Size of curtains

The final step is to consider the size. For a right and appropriate fit size matters a lot. Curtains are hung at various heights and end up at certain lengths. Note that each size appears distinctively. There are three trending lengths at the moment, up to the window sill, floor kissing, and a few inches above the floor. The window length is suitable for those who open the windows frequently. Floor kissing and few inches above the floor lengths give a stylish and designer look to the windows. As far as the width is concerned, 6 to 10 inches outside the window panel is ideal to hang the curtains. Note that the measured width should be multiplied with 2.5 or 3 for maximum fullness.

Pro tip: It is recommended a few inches longer curtains than the measured length to add a little weight to the endings and hem them.

Remember, no curtains last forever. They get beaten by the sun exposure, dust, germs, and physical touch at the end of the day. So a regular replacement and up gradation is necessary to keep the place fresh and get rid of tired looks. Readymade curtains are the best go to in this regard for the quickest, cheapest (in terms of price), and easiest transforming abilities. You can also buy readymade curtains at Imperial Rooms online store of UK in the affordable prices.