7 Things to Have in Mind When Buying Patio Furniture Online in 2024

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In winter, most of our entertainment and living happens inside of our homes. But hey –  things are changing, warmer seasons keep coming every year, right? Once we feel the breath of spring, our activities move outside and the look of your outdoor space matters more than ever. And, if you wait for warmer days only to get cozy in a comfy chair on your patio, you know for sure that outstanding furniture brings both function and comfort to it. A good reason to renew your spring collection, right?

If you’re considering bringing back the old shine to your good old veranda, a little bit of thoughtful planning could make it flourish and become everyone’s object of envy. Yet, the rules aren’t the same as when you’re decorating your indoor space – there are certain differences you should bear in mind when starting this adventure.

Let’s have a look at the list down and see a few practical tips!

img source: unsplash.com
  1. Measure your space

When buying online or going to the actual location to pick your new pieces of furniture, it’s crucial to get your measurements right – that should be one of the things you should always have in mind before purchasing.

You should try to think three-dimensionally and just measure from point A to point B, as you don’t really want to discover that the beautiful sectional sofa you ordered online actually doesn’t fit your patio. Yet, also make sure you have enough room between each piece of furniture – we’re sure you would like to avoid stumbling upon your chairs and cushions.

  1. Choose the material that can be maintained well

Ah… so many options to choose from when it comes to types of material. Of course, you know well that it doesn’t make your decision easier, right?

Is your main concern being able to maintain your furniture properly? How much care are you willing to put into cleaning, but really – without rolling your eyes grumbling? How frequently will you use your furniture and where will you leave it once you decide to go inside or during the winter? Think about that, because the answers will make you realize how much cleaning your pieces will need.

Cleaning can go from using just a piece of cloth or a scrub brush with soap to polishing with specialized cleansers. Certain wood materials are impenetrable to water damage or warping, but can easily lose color and shine without being oiled regularly. Similarly, some frames and tabletops are scratch-resistant but others may require fillers to avoid scratches. Do you want cushions, too? So many things to think about!

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  1. Consider comfort and price

Even though certain online retailers don’t have a physical location where you can try out the items in person, you might want to find out if they have showrooms. In case the retailer can’t really boast the showrooms or mortar stores where you can test the comfort level either, you should focus on reading out the customer reviews. Customers that already tested what you want to buy may be able to provide better insight into the comfort of the piece you like so much.

Prices aren’t less significant than comfort. Whenever you can, make sure you pick the places with not-so-pricey, but nice units. Many people may already know about www.remarkablefurniture.com.au – one of the prominent outdoor furniture stores with amazing discounts and promotions which can make anyone’s choice super affordable.

  1. Texture and color

What we see online on retail websites might be brighter and look shinier than it is. That’s why the best bet is to actually ask the seller to send you a sample of what you’re interested in. You should request a piece of wood, fabric, or metal to be able to check the weight and see the dimension and the actual color of the material.

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  1. Shipping costs and service

Shipping service options mostly depend on the size of the items you want to have shipped to your home. So, unless you’re planning to purchase small or medium-sized items, your new pieces will probably be delivered by the freight carrier. This service can be rather costly, especially when you’re buying things like umbrellas with a cement base or steel-framed sofas.

The majority of retailers offer free shipping but that doesn’t include the delivery to its final destination. It’s actually called curbside delivery, which means you need to find a way to bring the ordered goods from the street to your home – on your own. Yet, if you are unable to carry the stuff, it means you should definitely consider another retailer with the white glove type of delivery, which means your package is delivered straight to its destination.

  1. Customer service and reviews

If you’re purchasing patio items online, the reviews might be the essential part of your shopping experience. They usually tell you more about the comfort, the actual look and functionality of the items.

On the other hand, the best online retailers pay much attention to their customer service as, if you’re searching online for the best patio items, you’ll definitely have many questions to ask. It’s very significant to get all your queries answered in a timely and professional manner since this is a big investment. You need to build trust in a potential retail partner and have confidence in the items you’ve been eyeing.

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  1. Return policy

Most manufacturers will be willing to repair or replace the damaged items free of charge, as some pieces may get worn out or broken while still under warranty. The exchange process shouldn’t be too complicated – it should require a photo of two of the damaged goods and back and forth communication. There are some cases in which charges would be applied – for example, in case the item you want in return varies from the one that got damaged. The other thing you should bear in mind is that there’s also a restocking fee that’s calculated as a percentage of the particular sale price.

Yet, try to always choose a manufacturer that offers a partial replacement if something gets damaged or worn out and just say goodbye to the rest – it’s always a better option to swap out a single part instead of buying a whole new piece hassle-free and with less financial fuss.