Buy Shoes for Kids; It’s Not Easy as it Sounds

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If you buy shoes for yourself and it’s a bit tight, it’s okay, at least you can wear them for one or two occasions. However, this can’t happen with kids. You must select perfectly size shoes for kids. And it is the most challenging task to choose a perfect size for them. Otherwise, you can easily find stunning kids’ footwear from any online marketplace website.

It is proven that if kids’ footwear is not well fitted or made from poor material, it results in inferior foot muscles and many other related issues. And one eye-opening survey illustrated that nearly 30% of children in England wear the wrong size shoes, which is harmful to their health.

After reading this survey, I felt that I should spread some awareness about this ignored issue. So, read further to know what to consider while buying sneakers for kids and what happens if you don’t consider them.

What if you buy shoes that don’t fit perfectly with kids?

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Children’s feet are exceptionally delicate, and they are developing every day up to specific years. There are various kinds of footwear available in the market that you do not adequately design to support this development. These shoes kind of blocks this development and result in weak feet muscles.

Toddlers don’t understand whether the sneakers are fit or loose. They wear it and roam around. If they continue to wear it for the long term, it can seriously damage their legs. It can result in inflammation, pain, vein problems, dystrophy, and shortening of feet muscles. That is why it is crucial to buy the right fit for them.

How to buy properly fitting shoes for kids

While buying footgear or loafers for children, you should consider certain things. These help you to buy the kind of shoes that support and even enhance their feet.

Firstly, you should be sure about the current sneaker size of your kid. It is because their feet size can grow up to half size in just two months. So, make sure you know about this. For this, you can also follow the footwear’s size manual. You can easily find it on any website that sells kids’ footwear. For selecting proper fit, you should check for these places.

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  • Width

For this, hold your baby and stand him up on both boots. You should check if the footgear fits their feet or not. You should also check the toes and comprehensive part of the shoes. Make sure their foot should be comfortable and a bit free for movement.

  • Depth

To ensure the proper depth of the footgear, you should run your thumb on the sneaker’s top. There will be two things: first, the fabrics ripple slightly. If it doesn’t, it’s good. If it’s too tight, the loafer is not deep enough; if you can pinch the fabric to the ridge, it’s good.

If you want to buy low-cut shoes for your kid, you should check for a wide fap. If there is, it means the shoe is too deep. If the foot fits uncomfortably against the vamp, it is too shallow.

  • Length

To check the sneaker’s length, you should press your thumb on the tip of the boot. There must be some space available for the child’s toes to wiggle. So, make sure there is some space when you press your thumb on the tip. If there is not, it is too tight for your kid.

  • Arch

Actually, for the first five years of development, kids don’t require arch support. They need the kind of shoes that helps them in feeling the ground. So, the arch of the kids’ sneakers must cradle the child’s feet and provide proper sensory feedback without causing any problem or discomfort.

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  • Ankles

Make sure the sneakers have a paddled and soft collar. This topline should not touch or rub against their ankle bones.

  • Back (Heel)

Make sure the loafer’s back supports your kids’ heel subtly. If it is your kid’s first walking shoes, you can hold their feet in your hand, slowly move them inside the sneaker, and check for the space. If there is enough space to move the heel up and down, it is perfectly fit.

  • Closures

For this, you should look at the shoe straps. It is because kid’s feet change frequently, so you should adjust the laces or hook-and-loop closures accordingly.

What to look for in kid’s shoes

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  • Length and width

As we mentioned earlier, toddler’s feet are continuously developing. So, please make sure the sandals have some extra room for their feet. It would help if you considered buying at least half size more than their current footwear size. So that they can comfortably wear the same shoes even their feet develop a bit.

  • The shape of the toe box

It is ideal if the toe area of the loafer mimics the natural shape of a kid’s foot. It feels comfortable and looks stylish also.

  • Height of the heel

It is essential that kids feel the ground even with their feet inside their boots. So, you should buy them with minimum heels and avoid rugged or tall outsoles that restrict any movement feedback.

  • Material

It is proven that leather is the best material for children’s footwear. It is because it is durable but soft and robust but flexible. You can find such leather boots and flip-flops on multivendor marketplaces. It is highly advised to avoid low-quality and plastic sneakers. These shoes are not capable of absorbing sweat. And result in inflammation.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this article helps in guiding you in selecting ideally fit shoes for your kid. Comment below if you have any questions.