How Old do You Have to Be to Buy Bitcoin in The US? 


Cryptocurrency is all the rage in a world that now relies on technology for almost everything! Can you imagine your life without a smartphone and the digital technology it propagates? Regardless of whether you are a teenager in your pre-pubescent years or a working individual, cryptocurrency has permeated the minds of people to a level that they are now using it to execute everyday transactions.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be in Bitcoin since there are so many altcoins currently listed on the forex market waiting to secure a high as peaking as Bitcoin’s. While none of them comes close to where Bitcoin is right now, a lot of altcoins have clocked exorbitant returns in the past, with the figure being as high as 300 percent in a single night.

The promise of that high a return has always attracted investors to the cryptocurrency market irrespective of whether they have a less appetite for risk or have been playing in the area since forever. The cryptocurrency market has grown tremendously since 2009, when Bitcoin was first launched, and investors have been riding on the crest of the wave ever since.

However, you might wonder how old you have to be to invest in Bitcoin? To understand this aspect of investing in cryptocurrency more intricately, read the article to know more. And, if you would like to start trading in one, visit one of the leading cryptocurrency websites for more information.

Is there any age restriction when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency in the US?


Here’s the monosyllabic response to this question; No. There is no age restriction when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency in the US or any other country in the world. And the fact holds true for mining as well. You can be however old to start trading in cryptocurrency or build a mining rig.

Nonetheless, there’s one thing that you must understand first before you get too excited about this information. Most trading platforms, where the selling and buying of Bitcoins occur using fiat currency, require individuals to be above the age of 18. This means that you will have to be an adult to get officially registered on one of the websites.

However, children who would like to invest early with whatever little savings they have can ask an adult to register for an account on their behalf. But there’s a disclaimer attached to the whole thing. Since there is a financial component associated with cryptocurrency, whoever you ask must be aware of your financial prowess and the capacity to digest losses in case it occurs at any time.

Investing is not a game that children should indulge in, and for that matter, there are several ghost trading websites available to practice before you dip your feet into the deeper end of the pool. You don’t have to be necessarily 18 to purchase cryptocurrency tokens since there are several other ways you can opt for if you are very passionate about the field and want to commit real money.

Reasons to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Further going on, you should arm yourself with several reasons why you or your family needs to invest in cryptocurrency today!

Diverse your portfolio


If you want to grow your wealth and if you don’t want to do it using traditional methods and require higher returns, diversifying your portfolio by investing in cryptocurrency tokens will be the ideal choice.

Not only will it protect you from economic instability such as inflation, but it will also present you with returns that are almost too good to be true (but almost true). If you are loaded up on stocks, dipping your feet in cryptocurrency might seem risky, but it will be worth the effort once you see your investment growing and reaping exorbitant profits.

Grow your wealth

Who doesn’t like doubling their money in just one night? While it may sound too good to be true just yet, investing in cryptocurrency tokens can help you achieve returns that are not even remotely possible through stocks and bonds.

Hell, they won’t even cover you in times of high inflation, let alone provide adequate returns on your money. If you want to get rich, it might not happen quickly, but it can happen intelligently if you begin to invest in cryptocurrency today!



Unlike traditional markets that close at 4 PM every day, you can trade in cryptocurrency tokens anytime and anywhere. The market is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week for its investors.

Therefore, if you predict a dip coming any time soon, you can just pull out your money at a click and save a fortune. The forex market allows traders to execute transactions at any part of the day, enabling flexibility and independence that traditional markets don’t guarantee at all.

Long-term investment

Whoever says that you can get rich quickly is lying to your face, said Warren Buffet in an interview with Bill Gates when they were discussing how an average individual perceives investing in the traditional market. However, the same is true for the cryptocurrency market, too, because getting rich within a night requires investment, and cryptocurrency tokens can open that channel for you.

If you want to invest long-term, consider switching up your money to the forex market. To substantiate our point, remember where the Bitcoin was trading at when the whole thing hadn’t caught enough wind, and go check its price right now! If your pupils don’t dilate looking at the figures, then you are probably reading them all wrong.

And, if even after reading the figures yourself doesn’t convince you to go invest in it right now, then sorry to say, but you don’t recognize the gold mine (the golden era of cryptocurrency) that you are sitting on.


Now that you understand that there is no age restriction associated with investing in cryptocurrency, go ride to the moon today. However, before you do that, it is crucial you understand the field entirely and educate yourself with the risks and nuances that govern the crypto market.