What You Need to Know Before Building Your Residential Shed in 2024

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Residential sheds Perth meet a wide range of needs for Western Australian homeowners. Anything from extra storage space, to workshops and vehicle storage. Sheds are also an easy and affordable way to create extra space for hobbies and collectables. However, when it comes to any kind of construction, there may be permits and approval needed before beginning construction. As a result, there are several factors to consider before beginning which may or may not make a building permit necessary.

Do I Need Approval to Build a Shed?

In Western Australia you may not need approval to build a shed on your property if the project is exempt. Usually, if the shed is being used for domestic purposes and will be less than 10 metres squared, it may not need approval or a permit. However, there are other factors that the shed must meet to be exempt from permits, these include:

  • No more than 2.4 metres in height
  • Will be located behind the front setback line
  • Will not interfere with vehicle site lines
  • Will be structurally sound and have appropriate drainage
  • The floor will be no more than 500mm about the natural ground level
  • It will not be constructed of masonry
  • The floor area will be no more than 10 metres squared

It is important to note that any exemption from building permits doesn’t mean that you will not need other types of approval, such as health approval and development approval. You are also required to comply with statutory requirements. It is advisable to contact your local council to discuss your requirements beforehand.

How do I get Approval?


If you do need approval for your shed, you will need to contact your local council. However some companies, such as  Spinifex Sheds will help you with any council applications before the building process begins. The process of obtaining a building permit is roughly the same throughout Western Australia, however each council’s approval process may vary slightly.

All residential sheds Perth with a floor area that exceeds 10 square metres requires a building license application. Your shed must also comply with the prescribed boundary setbacks for the property. Some residential sheds Perth may also require planning approval before construction can commence. You may also want to consider discussing the proposed location of the shed with your neighbor if it will be located at the side or rear boundary.

It’s important to remember that each council has different rules and requirements and it is best to talk to them directly about specific requirements regarding residential sheds Perth. In general, a permit is not required for freestanding buildings that do not exceed a floor space of 10 metres square and are no more than 2.4 metres in height. However, even if the shed doesn’t require a permit, there may be other council requirements you must follow. Spinifex Sheds is happy to help you with the application and approval process for your local council before beginning construction on your new shed.

How Practical is Your Plan?

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After you have considered all legal factors, paid the fee, and received your permit, you should consider the practical issues of your plan. Before you commit to building your shed, you should think about certain commodities, like fitting the structure with smoke alarms and other safety measures.

It is important that you include protection against potential danger. Another things you should keep in mind are installing enough windows, having adequate facilities for hygiene and laundry, and other. Is pest control necessarily? Make sure you think about every possible problem, and things that might be important for you to feel comfortable in your shed.

Should Building a Shed be a DIY Project or Should you Hire Someone to do it?

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Including a cement slab and building a small, soundly constructed shed is an achievable DIY project. Generally speaking, sheds aren’t difficult to build. On the other hand, it is easier and more economical to buy shed from shed suppliers. You can even choose the structure of the shed, including timber, metal, and aluminium.

Apart from that, you are in position to have them customised with shelving, ventilation systems, and other extras that you require for your shed. In case you need a larger shed, it might be smart to get quotes for supply and installation from shed builders and suppliers.

The council approval can be guaranteed by a licensed and experienced shed builder, plus they will finish everything quicker and more professionally than a DIY ever could. Whether you what to use your shed as a workshop, or a home office, or a spare bedroom, make sure you have all your questions answered, and check the prices and required time for building it.

How Important is Siting?

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You might think that identifying the exact spot on your property where the shed will be placed seems like an easy task, but keep in mind that depending on your yard, it might not be that easy, and picking an unsuitable stop, will result in having unusable outbuilding in your yard. There are three don’ts when it comes to picking the right siting.

First of all, do not build a shed at the bottom of hill or in any low-lying area where water collects. That will cause the unwanted damage to the shed, including rotted wood, blistered paint, rusted hinges, and will also affect the items stored in the shed. You will end up with mildew. The second “don’t” is to not tuck the shed deep into the woods, or surround it by trees and ground cover.

This will also cause the mildew growth since there won’t be much natural light or airflow. Apart from that, falling branches, acorns, leaves, pine needles, and other types of canopy debris, will constantly fall on the shed. The third and the last “don’t” is to not violate the distance between the shed and things with include side, front, and rear property line, streets, driveways, sidewalks, houses, garages, septic tanks and other, the building inspector established. For more information visit this site.

We wish you good luck!